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12.4 Feros Assignments

All of these assignments can be triggered during your visit to Feros, although not all of them can be completed on Feros. They’re listed here in a chronological order that complements the Feros mission walkthrough earlier in this guide.


There is one additional assignment that can be triggered on Feros that is not covered in this section, because it can also be triggered elsewhere:

UNC: GETH INCURSIONS (triggered as GETH ACTIVITIES): Decrypt the geth terminal in the ExoGeni facility near the geth ship’s anchor claw to find out that the geth are massing in the Armstrong Nebula for a major offensive in Citadel space.

This console cannot be decrypted if you’ve already completed UNC: Geth Incursions. For more information on UNC: Geth Incursions, see the UNC: GETH INCURTIONS walkthrough in the next section of this guide.


Four of these assignments take place in the tunnels and collapsed bridge portions of the Zhu’s Hope colony. If you’re planning on completing all four assignments, we recommend that you first clear out the tunnels by completing FEROS: WATER RESTORATION.

Next, move on to FEROS: VARREN MEAT and FEROS: POWER CELLS in the collapsed bridge area. Finally, tackle FEROS: GETH IN THE TUNNELS.

1) Investigate Shipments (a.k.a. UNC: Espionage Probe)

How to Get It: Override the terminal in the downed freighter in Zhu’s Hope

When It Is Available: As soon as you arrive on Feros; cannot be triggered after you go to Ilos

Where It Takes Place: Agebinium, Amazon System, Voyager cluster

Special Notes: Electronics skill required

There is a terminal in the downed freighter in the middle of the Zhu’s Hope colony that you can override if you or one of your squad mates has a high enough Electronics skill. Successfully overriding the terminal gives you the following message:

CARGO LOGS: While decrypting these logs, you found something suspicious. Several months’ worth of human rations were delivered to an uncharted world in the Voyager cluster.

The logs aren’t clear, but it appears they maybe have been dropped off somewhere in the Amazon System.   

This triggers the Investigate Shipments assignment and its first task, Go to Amazon System.

Override the terminal in the downed freighter to trigger the assignment.

Go to Amazon System

When you return to the Normandy, set a course for the Amazon System in the Voyager cluster.

Your arrival in the system triggers a transmission from Admiral Hackett, who says that an espionage probe that was fired into turian space during the First Contact War decades ago just sent a “mission complete” broadcast.

The probe has a 20-kiloton nuclear self-detonation device that will be triggered if anyone finds and tampers with the probe. You might not be trained for explosive ordnance disposal, but you’re...