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15.3 Squad Member Assignments

Wrex: Family Armor

How to Get It: Speak to Wrex on the Normandy about his family’s armor

When It Is Available: After completing three of the first four post-Citadel, plot worlds (Feros, Noveria, Therum or Virmire) and/or completing three UNC assignments; cannot be triggered after you go to Ilos

Where It Takes Place: Tuntau, Phoenix System, Argus Rho cluster

Special Notes: Need a Decryption skill of 1

After completing any of the first three post-Citadel, plot worlds (Feros, Noveria, or Therum), speak to Wrex on the Engineering level of the Normandy.

You need to have completed three in-depth conversations with Garrus once he is on the Normandy.

These can take place right after leaving the Citadel for the first time, after completing any of the four major post-Citadel plot worlds (Feros, Noveria, Therum or Virmire) and/or after completing three or more uncharted world (UNC) assignments.

You specifically need to select the "Family" option to hear about Wrex’s father, and select it again to hear about Wrex’s grandfather.

Follow all available dialogue options to hear about an ancestral suit of armor that is now in the possession of an amoral turian collector named Tonn Actus.

Wrex wants that suit of armor back. Agree to help him recover it to trigger Wrex: Family Armor, and its first task, Find Wrex’s Armor.


You can also trigger this assignment by heading to Tuntau directly after leaving the Citadel for the first time. The assignment is triggered as soon as you enter the mercenary base on Tuntau, but only is Wrex is in the party.

Find Wrex’s Armor


Tuntau Mercenary Base, 1F, Tuntau Mercenary Base, 2F...