Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Large Holo-Chips can bank-up your BP fast. Here's where to find them!

Large Holo-Chips grant you 5,000 BP –- that's a lot of dough! There aren't too many of them, but you can collect these as many times as you please. (Check the Unlimited BP Trick FAQ for more info.)

Take note that all of them are inside a gray box that requires you to use Blade Mode in order to open 'em!

File R-01: Coup d'Etat

Large Holo-Chip #1

In the Ferris wheel area, after you journey through the hotel, you'll find it on the roof of the small building in the far-left corner. You need to wall-jump it from its back side.

File R-04: Hostile Takeover

Large Holo-Chip #2

Inside World Marshal's headquarters, on the 20th floor (as you scout for the three electric panels), it's in the northwest office.

Large Holo-Chip #3

File R-05: Escape From Denver

Near the end of the level, stay to the left side of the street. A guard will open the shutter of the building nearby. It's in the room inside.

File R-07: Assassination Attempt

Large Holo-Chip #4

When you get inside the base (just after the main gate), stick right to discover some large crates. Use them to reach the ledge above and find the item box.

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