If you're an action fan in Japan and have been looking forward to playing Metal Gear Rising Revengeance on the Xbox 360…well, you might want to grab yourself a PlayStation 3.


Konami has announced that the upcoming sequel, being produced by Platinum Games and featuring a sword-wielding Raiden, will not release on the Xbox 360 in Japan, instead becoming a PlayStation 3 exclusive. They didn't state why that version was canceled, but poor console sales might be one of the glaring points.


However, that version isn't canceled entirely. Konami did confirm with us that the game would still come out for Xbox 360 in other markets, including the United States and Europe.


It is kind of sad that the Xbox 360 can't really get the boost in Japan that it needs to stay in the console market, but at least it's doing well enough in other countries that it's not a complete bummer. Still, you have to wonder how Konami's future releases for the system will pan out…


Look for Metal Gear Rising Revengeance next February.