community contributor, Philip Vazquez shares his top 10 General Tips for Metro: Last Light.

1.   Keep track of your air/filters. When you are outside or in a polluted area you will need to rely on your gas mask which uses filters to make the air breathable. Every air filter has a time limit, so you can never have too many.

2.   Throwing knives are extremely useful. Even if you are not going for stealth, they are silent, instant kill weapons on normal enemies. On stronger enemies they deal a ton of damage and while you can only carry five of them, you can reclaim them from your victims.

3.   Focus on stealth as much as you can, even if you are not a fan of that playstyle. Turn off the lights whenever possible in the game to give yourself more shadows to hide in. Taking out two or three enemies without alerting the other enemies in a room makes each encounter a lot easier.

4.   Your flashlight is useful for getting your bearings in a dark room, but beware that it is very easy for your enemies to spot you.

5.   Variety is the spice of life; there is no reason to carry two long-range weapons. Look for close-range, long-range, and mid-range weapons with a variety of customization options. These are the weapons that suit my play style, but change your load out to best suit yours:

• Shotgun with laser sight and extended barrel—a scope is unnecessary for a close range weapon.

• Assault rifle with night vision scope for better range and easier enemy visibility in dark lighting, stock for extended accuracy, and a silencer for stealth kills.

• Sniper rifle with 4x scope for extended range, flash muzzler, and laser sight to ensure every shot is lined up correctly.

6.   Save your Military Grade Ammo (MGA) for purchasing things. Use them only to take out the toughest of enemies and, even then, use them as a last resort.

7.   Use your lighter to burn any spider webs in your way. Spider webs drastically slow down your movement speed so removing them is very advantageous.

8.   Night Vision Goggles are very useful when you eventually get them in Chapter 17 “Nightfall”, but they must be charged with your portable generator.

9.   Your health regenerates, but you also have med kits. You can only carry five of these, so while you shouldn’t be afraid to use them, you should hold on to them until you get in a real bind.

10.   A great way to know if you’re in the clear of enemies trying to kill you is the music in the game. It gets very hectic when enemies are looking for you, so use that cue to know when it’s safe to start exploring without fear.

P.S. There are a couple more items to keep in mind:

• Explore as much as possible and loot everything you find. You never know what you might find in the dark corners of the Metro.

• Last Light is a linear game, but at times it can get a little bit open and easy to lose your bearings. Don’t worry though, just pull up your compass (Back on 360/Select on PS3) and follow the green arrow to find your way.

Check back for Metro: Last Light walkthroughs coming soon.

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