Even though the company has been deep-sixed for years now, the spirit of Midway Games continues to live on. Last year's reboot of the Mortal Kombat franchise continues to be hugely popular, a revamp of the classic Spy Hunter is making its way to PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS this fall and Midway Arcade has been making the rounds on the mobile front.


Joining these releases this November will be Midway Arcade Origins, a compilation of 30+ classic game releases in one place, complete with online leaderboards, Trophies and Achievements to unlock at a rock solid price of around $30. That's like a buck a game, and unlike in the arcades, you get to save your quarters.


With that, what games are you getting out of the deal? While some obvious classics are missing (like San Francisco Rush and Blaster), we are getting quite a few games that are sure to keep you busy. With that, let's run down the list…


720 Degrees – Before Tony Hawk defined skateboarding, this game introduced us to high scoring with skating and airborne tricks, while pitting us against challenges and forcing us to "Skate or die!" before a lethal swarm of bees did us in. Man, the life of a skateboarder isn't easy…


A.P.B.- A top-down driving game where you catch criminals in the act while avoiding running into innocents. Silly and entertaining, even though you don't have the benefit of a steering wheel.


Arch Rivals- Before there was NBA Jam, there was this arcade basketball romp where you play two-on-two and try to score the most points against your rival. This one's got a fun vibe to it and can be enjoyed with up to four players.


Bubbles- A game where you play a bubble trying to clean up dirty enemies in a sink while avoiding contact with devastatingly bad suds. A bit limited in gameplay, but still enjoyable in short sessions.


Championship Sprint- A top-down racing game for one or two players, where you compete for first place across a number of tracks. There aren't many gimmicks to this one, it's just old-fashioned competitive racing, which is just fine by us.


Cyberball Tournament 2072- Think of football in the future with players replaced by mechanized robots and the ball has a tendency to explode if it gets too "hot". Throw in multiplayer potential and tournament action and you're in for a romp.


Defender- The classic 80's shooter returns and it's challenging as ever. You're a lone gunship hired to stop aliens from overtaking the Earth as they pick up humans and try to convert them. Still a classic after all these years.


Defender II: Stargate- The follow-up to Defender is more complicated, with warp gates and more control functions, but fans will have no problem getting into the game and blasting space mutants to kingdom come.


Gauntlet- A four-player dungeon dwelling action game, Gauntlet dares you to make your way through monster-filled rooms, finding keys and eventually making it alive to the next level. Just remember – don't shoot food!


Gauntlet II- The follow-up to the arcade hit features even more monsters, as well as devastating magic spells and trickier dungeon design. Don't worry, you can still bring three friends with you to survive it all.


Joust- Flap to your heart's content in this competitive action game where you ride atop winged birds and dismount enemies, collecting them for points. Watch out for that pterodactyl: its bite is way worse than its bark.

Joust 2- Yes, there was a Joust 2, and though it was limited in distribution, it was quite good, with additional transformation abilities (like a horse) and even more challenging levels to fly through. This is clearly one of the surprise games you'll get hooked on in the package.


Marble Madness- A classic adventure where one or two players roll marbles through a series of challenging stages, avoiding enemies and pitfalls while trying to make up for lost time and make it to the final challenge. The NES version of this game will also be included for nostalgists who wish to compare.


Pit-Fighter- Up to three players will be able to brawl in this digitized fighter, punching and kicking their way through an underground fighting circuit while attempting to challenge the masked freak in charge. A nostalgic favorite.


Rampage- This three-player arcade favorite has you playing monsters that destroy city after city, eating citizens and punching windows and rooftops until everything falls at your feet. If you're in the mood to blow off some steam, this is the game to do it with.


Rampart- An interesting hybrid of item management and Tetris, Rampart will have you battling against enemies through a structured castle, firing back at them and then repairing damage between rounds.


Robotron 2084- This dual-stick arcade classic has you facing wave after wave of killer robots in the future while protecting members of the last surviving family. This one is perfect for those who wish to test their "twitch" skills while trying to make it out alive.

Root Beer Tapper- Fulfill the needs of a demanding crowd as you serve up drink after drink, collecting empty glasses and tips while surviving each round. This was originally a beer-licensed arcade release, but has been converted to obviously appeal to all ages.


Satan's Hollow- This old-school shooter puts you in the depths of Hell, forcing you to battle incoming fiery enemies before they bury you for good. Probably the oldest game of the bunch, but it's entertaining.


Sinistar- This wild shooter has you collecting Sini-bombs while destroying enemies, only to face off against the devastating Sinistar, who chases you frenetically and vows to destroy you with a maddening howl. The voice effects in this one are legendary. "RUN COWARD!"


Smash TV- "Big money, big prizes, I love it!" This two-player shoot-em-up employs the same twin stick method of Robotron, but pits you in a huge game show where you destroy enemies and pick up prizes for bonus points. Oh, and good luck surviving Mutoid Man. "You'll need it!"


Spy Hunter- The classic that inspired the forthcoming 3DS/Vita remake, Spy Hunter puts you on an open road to danger as you face enemies, manage power-ups and try to make it out in one piece. Most notable ingredient: the inclusion of the classic "Peter Gunn" theme.


Spy Hunter II- This 3D racer is a huge change over the original, though the set-up remains the same when it comes to blasting enemies and staying in one piece. It's set up in dual-screen, however, so you can race alongside a friend.


Super Off Road- A down and dirty racing game for up to three players, Super Off Road will have you boosting around corners and over dirt ramps as you race for a first place victory. The graphics may not look like much, but the gameplay is still pretty wild.


Super Sprint- The multiplayer equivalent of Championship Sprint, with up to three players being able to take part in a race. This one's got more tracks, too, if you're up for the challenge.


Toobin'- A fun overhead two-player competitive game, Toobin' has you and a buddy floating down multiple rivers filled with dangers and power-ups, fighting for points and trying to stay alive to the end of the run.


Total Carnage- A spiritual sequel to Smash TV, Total Carnage pits you and a fellow soldier against an evil general and his army, using a crazy assortment of power-ups to get the job done.


Vindicators Part II- A top-down tank shooting game for one or two players, this one has you traversing an alien planet, shooting at turrets and enemies with a variety of power-ups you can acquire in the shop.


Wizard of Wor- A classic Bally/Midway favorite, Wizard of Wor puts you in an enclosed arena where you fight demons and aliens with a limited amount of firepower. A bit old in terms of graphics, but still a classic.


Xenophobe- Remember Aliens? Think of Xenophobe as a three-player game along those lines, where you shoot both big and small xenomorphs while trying to escape the confines of a ship.


Xybots- Finally, there's this quirky 3D shooter where you work your way through a series of futuristic space labs, destroying enemies and collecting keys and coins to bulk yourself up with new ammunition. And you can bring a friend along for the ride.



Look for Midway Arcade Origins this November on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3!