Oh, Notch, what have you created?!

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox Live Arcade edition of Minecraft, despite its limitation in controls, is doing remarkably well for the service.  It's already cleared four million units sold, making it one of the strongest selling games for the service to date, and could very well clear five million before 2013 rolls around.  That's a LOT of building, folks.

For those of you who prefer to buy it online without the need to use a credit card for purchase, you can always snag an Xbox Live Marketplace card and do it that way.  Have a PC?  Now you can take advantage of another option by Mojang, as it announced that the game is now available via prepaid card, in physical form, for the low price of $26.95.  You can find it at Best Buy, Target, Walmart and other stores now, if you already haven't bought the game already.  All two of you.

Congrats to Notch and company on some blockbuster (pun intended) sales!