Normally, we aren't ones to search and find out what players can do with millions of blocks in Minecraft…mainly because we're so busy playing other stuff. But when a YouTube user named ParadiseDecay came up with a new video surrounding the Star Wars universe, we couldn't help but take notice.


This user has managed to recreate the Hoth Battle from the Empire Strikes Back using the Minecraft engine – it's really something else. Though a little crude in spots (it is Minecraft after all), it bears a superb amount of detail and it's interesting to see what Luke Skywalker might've looked like in the Minecraft universe. Those AT-AT's…those must've taken HOURS to build. Nothing short of amazing.


You can view the 5-minute video clip below and revel in its glory over and over again – or just watch it once and go, "Hey, this Minecraft might just have something for me." Maybe we should point it out to George Lucas…


YouTube link: