Australia is a bit uptight when it comes to the release of mature-rated games, as most titles, like Mortal Kombat, end up getting banned from the country due to excessive carnage or other mature themes.  But it looks like gamers who live in that country will finally be getting a break, according to a passed ordinance by officials.

It’s reported that both the Australian House and Senate have passed a bill that will create a new R18+ ratings category for video games.  By doing this, the games are now allowed to come into the country for sale, provided that they carry the label, like the one shown above.

Previously, a game that didn’t meet the MA15+ classification by the board wasn’t allowed to be sold in Australia, leading to the banning of Mortal Kombat, the Grand Theft Auto games and other titles.  With this new rating, they’ll now be able to release them without any problem – even if the carnage isn’t exactly favored by the board. 

The new rating system will take effect in January 2013.