We bet you’re loving your PlayStation Vita right now, with games like Mortal Kombat and MLB 12 The Show to keep you busy.  While the black model of the system is alluring, chances are you’ll probably want to trade up for the white one when it comes out!

Yep, a limited edition white PlayStation Vita system is in the works and it’s set to hit Japanese stores on June 28.  The system will come in both Wi-Fi and 3G models, and will feature all the technical aspects of the original system, complete with touch screen and rear touch pad.  There’s a chance Sony will announce this model for US release next month at E3, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Meanwhile, if you want to get even MORE limited with your PlayStation Vita, how about a model featuring popular Japanese video game character/singer Hatsune Miku?  A special edition of the system, which comes with a 4 GB memory card and several special edition augmented reality cards, will run about $125 more than the usual system.  The system will also features an image of Hatsune on the back, next to the touch pad.  It’ll release on August 30, about the same time that the rhythm game Next Hatsune Miku Project Diva (not a final title) arrives.

So there you go.  Now go fetch a Vita.