At first it almost seemed like a dream come true (mind the pun), with most of the superstars from the memorable Team USA basketball team of 1992 making their digital return in NBA 2K13. Even Charles Barkley, a guy weary of video game appearances (it’s all Shut Up and Jam’s fault), agreed to lend his likeness. However, one notable absence couldn’t be overlooked – Scottie Pippen. For some odd reason, the former Chicago Bull was nowhere to be seen in the advertisements.


That has all changed. 2K Sports has announced that they have reached a deal with Pippen and now the 1992 “Dream Team” is officially complete – and better yet, at your control.


Said Pippen on Twitter, "Joining 2KSports' Dream Team in NBA 2K13 after hearing fans & family say I had to be a part of it. Settle the debate-easy choice!"


The game will feature a mode where you can play as the team, fighting your way for Olympic glory and pulling off all the great techniques that it’s known for. We should know more about this mode soon, possibly this weekend at PAX Prime.


Look for NBA 2K13 to slam it home October 2nd!