NBA 2K13 is now just a month away from release, and to celebrate its forthcoming arrival, 2K Sports has announced a new way you can get social with your friends and share your progress in the game.  Get ready for NBA 2K Everywhere.

This new feature, releasing for Facebook, iPad, iPhone and other mobile platforms, is a free companion app which features a number of activities you can do outside of the game, including free throw contests, dribbling, shooting and autograph signing mini-games.  (Cursive or non-cursive?  Hmmmm…)

In addition, you can also import your career avatar from NBA 2K13 for skills competitions with friends, as well as build your own specialized home court and earn extra endorsements.  Your accomplishments will also be kept track of, which in turn can earn you rewards in NBA 2K13, including fresh new dunk packages.

On top of that, a separate game version of NBA 2K13 will also be available for Android, iPhone and iPad around the launch of the console game, in case you feel like slamming on the go.  The game will include multiplayer, for the first time in the series, a huge push for the mobile release.

Look for more news on NBA 2K13 leading up to its release on October 4th!