If you weren’t gaming around the early 90’s, then you missed out on one of the more memorable tournament set-ups Nintendo had going.  The Nintendo World Championship had players competing from all over the world using a special modified Super Mario Bros./Rad Racer/Tetris cartridge, registering to win unique prizes and giving them the chance to show off.

Well, if you missed those good ol’ days, the Classic Gaming Expo is bringing them back.  The event, taking place in Las Vegas this August, has announced that it will be holding two special competitions at the event, using similar competition cartridges – the Nintendo World Championships and the Nintendo Campus Challenge.  Each competitor will play the games and the highest combined score will win awesome prizes, including trophies and t-shirts.  The event is free of charge to all CGE attendees, and organized through JJGames.com and PriceCharting.com.

To learn more about the Classic Gaming Expo, head over to http://www.cgexpo.com to get the full details, and start booking your trip now.  We’ll see you on the Tetris battlefield.  (Look for the guys in the dominating Prima Games shirts.)