Ahhh, Kevin Butler…how the mighty have fallen.  The once unstoppable spokesman for Sony Computer Entertainment of America has gone the way of the dodo, at least as far as we can tell from a new Bridgestone TV ad.

The actor who portrays Butler in Sony's previous ads, Jerry Lambert, appears in the new commercial where his team is playing…wait for it…the NINTENDO WII.  He's part of a scientist team that's testing the traction on tires, of course.  It's part of a promotional tie-in with Bridgestone's new "Game On" promotion, where buying a set of Bridgestone tires will net you either a free $70 American Express rewards card or a Nintendo Wii game system.

Obviously Lambert is an actor who's appeared in other stuff besides the Sony ads, but still, it's a bit awkward seeing him advertise in something else after becoming the supposed "face" of Sony's team.  That said, if you haven't seen the ad yet, you can sneak a peek below , then go buy yourself some tires or something.

No word yet whether Sony will can Kevin Butler's fake Twitter account.  Perhaps he'll be reborn somewhere down the road…?