PAX East 2013 has officially been announced, and once again, we'll be partying in Boston for the event come spring time.  But if you want to get in on the action, well, you best hurry.

It's been reported on the official PAX East website that the three-day badges, which are selling for $70, are about sold out, as the supply has been listed to "low".  Single day badges, going for $35 each, are still in ample supply, but, really, the three-day one is the better one.

In addition, the site is also taking official panel suggestions, so if you have an idea for a great panel or just want to get your podcasting/website crew together to tell stories, you can submit them to the official PAX page and see if they dig the idea – or if you're better off at the bar.

Anyway, get to hustling over to the official PAX East site through this link and grab your badges.  This is a party you don't want to miss.  After all, it is Boston.