Comic-Con 2012 is here!  This year’s show has plenty to do, between a crowded show floor, dozens of video game companies displaying their latest products, parties galore, outdoor activities and, of course, superstar panels.  But why just go hang around Hall H to watch boring old vampire folk talk about Breaking Dawn Part 2?  Why not go to panels that actually matter?

Aside from stopping by our Prima Games booth this week (we’ve got Darksiders II and Sleeping Dogs goodies!), we think you should also make it a point to stop by the following panels below.  You’ll learn something and, plus, benefit from taking part in your game community.  Plus, some of them even have celebrities.  Hey!

Without further ado…


Epic Games’ Fortnite Revealed – 10:45 AM, Room 6A

Cliff Bleszinski and company talk about their latest game, a strategy/action title featuring a plethora of zombies and lots of fun.  Moderated by the lovely Jessica Chobot.

Beyond: Two Souls panel – 12:00 PM, Room 25ABC

Writer/director David Cage talks about Quantic Dream’s newest project, dealing with a volatile weapon with spiritual tie-ins.  Actress Ellen Page will also be in attendance, talking about her role.

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary – 1:00, Room 68CF

Yoshinori Ono and his team will discuss the upcoming special edition of the game, while also hosting a trivia giveaway and revealing other Street Fighter related surprises.  Sadly, no Darkstalkers 4…

Assassins Creed III Live Stage Demo- 3:30, Room 6BCF

We want to see more Assassin’s Creed, right?  Of course we do.  Creative director Alex Hutchinson will be on hand to walk players through a new demo for the game, and also talk more about Alex Ross’ exclusive Steelbook design.  Killer!

The Fiction of Halo 4- 4:45 PM, Room 6bCF

Want to learn more about what went into the novelizations of Microsoft’s upcoming sequel?  Attend this panel and be amazed by the likes of Frank O’Connor, Brian Reed, Armando Trolsi and others.  Oh, and Master Chief.

The Most Dangerous Women At Comic-Con- 5:00, Room 7AB

Respawn’s Abbie Heppe, gaming geek Adrianne Curry and Action Chick Kat Hill lead off this panel, talking about the power of women in the industry and having fun while they do it.  Go and say hi.

Mega 64- 8:00 PM, Room 23ABC

If you’ve never heard of Mega 64, go to YouTube and search for their stuff.  Then prepare to be amazed by this humorous panel, loaded with ridiculous videos and shirts that say “HAT”.  Be sure to buckle your boots for this one.


Gears of War: Past, Present and Future- 2:00, Room 6BCF

Gears of War is far from dead, especially with Judgment fast approaching next year.  Cliff Bleszinki and several of his team members will discuss the legacy of the series, with Baird himself, Fred Tatasciore, in tow.

Art of Death and Darksiders II – 3:30, Room 5AB

One of Prima Games’ featured titles will have its own panel, with Joe Maduriera and his team talking about the upcoming sequel.  Expect plenty of awesomely gloomy artwork and surprises galore.

The Last of Us panel- 5:00, Room 25ABC

Naughty Dog’s upcoming survival/action game caught us by surprise at E3, so trust us when we say you don’t want to miss this panel.  Actors and producers will be present, and you’ll see some great new gameplay footage.

The Aquabats panel– 8:00, Room 7AB

Really, if we have to explain who the Aquabats are, we’re going to take off our cowls and slap you with them.  They’re one of the best, liveliest bands around, and their live show should be happily insane good times.

Sonic Boom Party – 5:00-10:00, House of Blues San Diego

Tickets are still available for Sega’s upcoming party, which will pay tribute to everything Sonic with special guests, including the band Crush 40.  Our hopes is that they’ll give away Hedgehog hats again.  Fernando went and stole ours.


Transformers: Fall of Cybertron panel- 10:00, Room 7AB

Activision’s upcoming sequel is sure to turn a few heads, and this panel is a must-attend for fans.  Director Dave Tieger will discuss the sequel alongside such voice talent as Nolan North and Optimus Prime himself, Peter Cullen.

Capcom’s Lost Planet 3 and DMC Panel– 12:30, Room 24 ABC

Who says you can’t cram two games into one panel?  Capcom will thoroughly discuss both of its Westernized sequels, with producers and other superstars talking about what went into their production – and what to expect early next year.

Marvel Video Games– 1:45, Room 6A

Want to know what’s shaking in the world of Marvel and its video games?  This is the place for you.  This panel will present all sorts of projects, including Ubisoft’s Avengers: Battle For Earth and Activision’s upcoming adaptation of Hit Monkey.

Halo 4: A New Campaign and Halo Infinity Multiplayer- 3:15 PM, Room 6DE

If there’s one Halo panel you can’t afford to miss this year, it’s this one.  Game development members Frank O’Connor, Kiki Wolfkill (love the name) and Josh Holmes will discuss the game’s single and multiplayer aspects.  Game footage, folks.  GAME FOOTAGE!

Reimagining a Gaming Icon, Lara Croft- 6:00 PM, Room 5AB

Lara Croft is back, and this time she means serious business at Comic-Con.  Various development team members will be on hand, along with the new Ms. Croft herself, Camilla Luddington, to discuss the upcoming prequel.

World of Capcom!- 4:00 PM, Room 25ABC

Want to see the other amazing Capcom projects that don’t have their own panel, like Okami HD?  You’ve come to the right place with World of Capcom, which will also unveil secret new projects that fans of the company will surely love.

Mass Effect: Past, Present and Future- 5:00, Room 25ABC

Join various development members from Bioware as they look at the stunning past and present of their epic space series, along with where it may be heading with future downloadable content.  Plus Jessica Merizan will be there.  Yay!


PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale- 11:00 AM, Room 24ABC

Last but not least, we have Sony’s upcoming multiplayer brawler, which is sure to be a hit for both PS3 and Vita this October.  Two new fighters will be revealed for the game, along with great new details.  We just want to see more of Parappa’s stage.  I gotta believe!