Farsight Studios knows its digital pinball with its impressive Pinball Hall of Fame compilations and the recently released Pinball Arcade, which reintroduces classic pinball games in digital form.

Along with releasing monthly tables from familiar publishers, the company is also pushing to bring some of its bigger licensed tables to the digital release.  It has now launched a new Kickstarter to bring one of the most popular pinball games out there, The Twilight Zone, to Pinball Arcade.  The game is based on the cult Rod Serling series and is considered one of the all-time greats.

So why does Farsight need a Kickstarter?  They’re fronting the bill when it comes to development, but they’re attempting to raise $55,000 to pay for the licensing fees to bring it to The Pinball Arcade, and they aren’t cheap.  

The company is promising various rewards to its donators, ranging from a copy of the table upon its release (save for Xbox 360 – Microsoft doesn’t approve) to a tour of their studios to the possibility of having a huge pinball party at your house.

You can head over to this link if you feel like donating.  So far so good, as the Kickstarter is halfway there with 27 days to go.  It’s definitely for a worthy cause, and you can even get some rewards out of it.  We want the virtual Twilight Zone ball ourselves…