Drinkbox Studios really hit pay dirt when it developed its About a Blob games for both PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, introducing some classic platforming gameplay and combining it with a 50’s style motif that was both hip and cool – even by today’s standards.  And now the team is up to even more adventurous antics with a new project due later this year.

The game, called Guacamelee, puts you in control of a heroic wrestler as he battles through a Metroidvania style exploration/platforming adventure, battling enemies and finding new items over the course of his quest.  New characters will be introduced over the course of the game as well.

Guacamelee has inspired art design, definitely stemming from the Lucha Libre universe, and promises hours worth of gameplay.  The PS Vita version, established using the awesome PlayStation Pub Fund, should offer some bonus content as well, though what it is yet, we don’t know.

Look for a preview on this game following E3!