Even though it has similarities to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. series, we can honestly see why Sony would want to give the formula a try with its forthcoming PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale.  Despite how it’s coming along, though, the game definitely has its critics.

Among them is Devil May Cry and Bayonetta designer Hideki Kamiya, who has sounded off on his Twitter account in terms of calling out the All Stars project.  He was asked if he was looking forward to the game, in which he responded, “No.  I don’t like that game.”

When the responder asked him to elaborate a little bit, Kamiya held nothing back.  “It’s just a rip off…I don’t like rip-off.”

After hearing this, fans stepped up to defend the upcoming game, explaining that Sony was listening to fan requests and making their own devoted twists to the genre.  Said Kamiya, “And throw morals away.”

Everyone’s got their opinion, but Kamiya definitely hasn’t earned new fans over his statements.  Maybe he should try the game out first?

PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale will be available on PS Vita and PlayStation 3 on October 23rd.