The G4 Network may not be everyone's favorite when it comes to programming -- how many episodes of Cheaters can we possibly take? -- but there's no question it's left its impact on our gaming culture with shows like Attack of the Show, X-Play and Ninja Warrior.  But big changes are coming to the network in 2013.

A report from Variety indicates that NBC, the owners of the G4 Network, will be undergoing a few changes, moving it away from the "geek" sort of audience and instead aiming it more towards the "modern male", as it were.  They're considering making it similar to what GQ Magazine has to offer.  Slacks?

It has been stated that video games will remain part of this lifestyle approach to some extent, though nothing has been confirmed just yet about the fate of X-Play or Attack of the Show.  Here's hoping the talent sticks around to some extent, since the network has been losing folks like Adam Sessler and Kevin Pereira over the last few months.

At least Cheaters will be done away with.  We hope…