Could Super Smash Bros. have a contender waiting in the wings?  It looks that way, according to a possible reveal being set up by Sony this week.

After hearing months of rumors revolving around a game being in the works featuring a number of Sony superstars battling it out for supremacy, Sony filed a trademark this week for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, its proposed fighting game.  GameTrailers is also set to premiere the game to the world during its Thursday night episode.

Sony wouldn’t officially comment on the game yet, but it’s looking certain.  Early leaks indicated that everyone from Nathan Drake to Kratos to Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal would be involved, along with more obscure characters like Parappa the Rapper and the Fat Princess.  Multiplayer is definitely going to be involved, including online play over the PlayStation Network.

We’ll get a better idea of what Sony is up to later this week once the announcement is made.  If they can make this fighting game click, there’s a good chance it can give Nintendo a run for its money – especially since a Super Smash Bros. sequel isn’t being planned for release anytime soon.  Talk about jumping on opportunity!