It's been a long, winding road for Sony's multiplayer fighting game PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, with developer SuperBot Entertainment throwing in a lot of familiar faces that will go head-to-head against each other.  But, finally, they've finalized the initial roster for the game, which will be launching next month on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, both in physical retail form and through PlayStation Network.


Who will you be fighting with?  Well, we've got the full rundown of all 20 fighters in the game, and while SuperBot isn't talking about expanding the roster via DLC just yet, it's rumored that Kat from Gravity Rush will be joining the party, along with Crash Bandicoot.  (Again, JUST rumor, though.)  Here are the official fighters, and a brief description of what each one brings to the table…


Big Daddy


A behemoth who first made his debut in Bioshock years ago, Big Daddy is a slow but formidable opponent who can easy turn his opponents to mush.  Don't get too close to the little sisters, either…


Cole McGrath


The main hero from the Infamous games, Cole is able to use a number of supercharged moves to keep his enemies at bay, including a powerful level three power-up where he can wipe out the entire screen with an electrical tornado.  Watch out!


Evil Cole McGrath


Move over, Evil Ryu, because you just got topped.  This version of Cole McGrath is just as powerful as his good side, but with devastatingly bad-ass red charged attacks and plenty of lethal super moves.  Let's get this guy and good Cole in a fight, shall we?


Colonel Radec


One of the main enemies from the Killzone series, Radec can do some major damage from a distance with a rifle, but can also strike up close, too.  And his level three super is devastating, as the player hops behind a turret and mows down everything on the screen.  Now that's power.




This is the revamped version of Dante from the upcoming DMC: Devil May Cry, but that doesn't make him less intimidating.  He's still got extraordinary powers, including Angel Life and Demon Pull, as well as sword and guns to tie it all together.  It's heaven and hell combined!


Fat Princess


One look at Fat Princess and you might think she's as harmless as, say, Honey Boo Boo.  But that's where you're dead wrong.  Along with enabling help from her soldiers, Fat Princess can unleash chaos with her sizable attacks and a super that brings a huge chicken onto the playfield, stomping everything in sight.


Heihachi Mishima


Fresh from pounding fools in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Heihaci brings his butt-kicking ways to All Stars, complete with devastatingly charged attacks and a super that sends all his enemies into space on a rocket.  Now if only the Ogre would make some sort of guest appearance…


Jak and Daxter


This tag team has appeared in many adventures over the years, and now they bring their skills to Sony's brawler.  Expect some great appearances by the Dark Eco side of Jak, along with nimble maneuvers and inventions that can easily lend a hand with the Super attacks.




You really think you stand a chance against Kratos?  C'mon…he kills more gods and serpents before lunch than we do all day.  Carrying his twin blades and a few other weapons for good measure, Kratos is bound to be a fan favorite when this game releases.  And for good reason.




Heavenly Sword's athletic babe hasn't been seen in games for awhile, but she hasn't lost her lethal touch.  She can chain together combo attacks with ease, and call upon allies to really do some major damage, especially with her level three super.  This chick means business.


Nathan Drake


This adventurer may not be as super-powered as some of the more god-like characters in All Stars, but he can still pack a punch.  Along with physical capability that makes him dangerous up-close, Nathan can also call upon friends to clean house with super attacks.


PaRappa the Rapper


"I gotta believe!"  The inspired rapper makes his return to games for the first time in years, and he's rappin' good when it comes to wiping fools across the floor.  Along with kung fu (taught by Master Onion), PaRappa can also use his mic skills for a level three super that brings down the house!




Metal Gear Rising Revengeance's main cyborg hero isn't waiting until February to unleash his wrath.  In All Stars, he's bringing a variety of swift attacks and athletics for players to enjoy, along with a level three super that sticks everyone in cardboard boxes.  Slice 'em up!


Ratchet and Clank


This technical duo recently returned in the Ratchet and Clank HD Collection, and now they're doing even more damage in All Stars, with a number of weapons to their credit and some supercharged finishing moves that electrify the screen.  Seriously, though…Clank needs a Secret Agent-inspired super move.




LittleBigPlanet's main star may look happy and fluffy, but don't mistake that for weakness, because he can use stickers and other moves to slam you to the ground in no time flat.  He's more of a technical fighter, but one that can really do damage once he connects.  Ouch.


Sir Daniel Fortesque


The main star of the PS One Medievil games returns here, throwing his skeleton head around like a champ and summoning all sorts of demon powers when it comes to beating up enemies.  Try to stay out of range for his supers, or you'll get pummeled.  Just saying.


Sly Cooper


The master thief is taking a break from his infamous heists to whack a few fools around, with the help of his nimble agility and his powerful cane.  He's definitely a speedy little fighter, and one that's good to have if you need to jump back and forth in the action.




Who better to beat up your friends than a guy who calls upon monkeys for support?  The star of Ape Escape is armed with his trademark net, but he can also call upon a few gadgets to dish out extra hits, and, of course, his monkey pals.  So, yeah, they escape again.


Sweet Tooth


This Twisted Metal driver may not have the comfort of sitting in his ice cream truck, but he's still armed and dangerous, able to beat up enemies with brute strength before transforming into a huge mech with his level 3 super and stomping all over the screen.




Finally, though not much is known about this peculiar character (who used to be the mascot for Sony Japan), he's bound to be a fan favorite, especially once you get the hang of his beat-em-up techniques and his finishing moves.