In a new post over on the PlayStation Blog, Sony has announced that its PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale fighting opus, featuring various characters and backdrops from multiple Sony franchises, will be arriving for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita on October 23.  The game features eight revealed characters thus far, though four more will be revealed over the next week, through presentations at both the EVO fighting event and next week’s Comic-Con panels.

The game will be showcased at both events, and to get players even more excited about its release, a pre-order bonus is being offered, providing alternate skins for each character within the game.  You’ll be able to play as Kratos’ brother, whip around enemies in Nathan Drake’s winter outfit, and even beat up people in Big Daddy’s All-American suit.  And who knows what other characters will receive with the add-on.

Look for more information on PlayStation All Stars during Comic-Con, and be sure to check back for the latest character reveals!