There were a lot of quirky favorites released back on the original PlayStation, and a few of them have managed to sneak their way onto the PlayStation Network as digital re-releases.  Joining this flock today is a cute (yet tough) pink-haired kid named Tomba!, who will stop at nothing to take down enemies while riding a pig and throwing stone boomerangs.  It’s more fun than it sounds.

Tomba!, which initially released on PS1 way back in 1998, will be available for PlayStation Network today, as part of MonkeyPaw Games’ initiative to bring quirky games to the service.  It’ll sell for $9.99, and feature all the fun side-scrolling action of the original game, but without needing to worry about a scratched disc.

With hours worth of fun gameplay and cute graphics, the game is actually the creation of Tokuro Fujiwara, who previously worked with Capcom on the Ghosts n’ Goblins games.  Though not nearly as spooky as those efforts, you can see some great traditional gameplay elements popping up throughout Tomba!

We highly suggest picking it up, as MonkeyPaw is considering releasing the sequel, Tomba! 2, if it sells well enough.  C’mon, people, we need more cute platformers!