Those PlayStation systems just keep getting smaller and smaller, don’t they?  After seeing the PlayStation 2 take a slim-down a few years back, followed by a mildly slimmer PlayStation 3 model that followed years later, we might be getting one that’s even smaller.

A report from Pocket News indicates that Sony has filed paperwork with the FCC for a newer modeled PlayStation 3 system, one with a model code “CECH-4001X”, a step up from the company’s usual 3000 series.  What’s more, we found the above diagram, which shows the smaller model specs compared to how the previous system measures up.

Sony isn’t talking about this new model just yet, but with GamesCom around the corner, a show that the company considers one of the biggest in the world, it could very well make an announcement there.  We’ll let you know once official word slips out…and just how much shelf space you’ll really need.