We recently checked out PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale for the PlayStation 3 and loved how it combined everything within the Sony universe into one huge battle.  But so far, it’s only coming to the console, with no word on it arriving on the PlayStation Vita.  Until now.

Robert Krekel, a sound designer for Sony Computer Entertainment of America, has his resume online, and on it he lists a number of games including Uncharted 3, Twisted Metal, and StarHawk.  Conspicuously enough, he’s also listed PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale for PlayStation 3... and PlayStation Vita.

This follows an interview with game director Omar Kendall that the Vita version remained a very firm possibility, though he stopped just short of confirming it was in the works.

The Vita needs all the good games it can get right now, and a port of All Stars would definitely hit the spot, especially with cross-platform play and online compatibility.  Perhaps we’ll see an announcement at E3.

Oh, and throw Kevin Butler in the game.  Nothing can stop the VP, for crying out loud!