We previewed Sony’s PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale a few weeks back, talking about how the company’s take on the Smash Bros. legacy was looking quite good and featuring a number of memorable characters, including Kratos, Fat Princess and Sly Cooper.  Now it appears the roster is growing!

According to the IMDB page for the upcoming game, several voice cast members have been revealed leading to the possibility that their respective characters will be included in the free-for-all battle.  Nolan North has been listed with his Nathan Drake character (which should be a given considering his popularity in the Uncharted series); Eric Ladin is providing voiceover for his Cole McGrath character; and, in an interesting twist, David Hayter is on board as Solid Snake, from the Metal Gear Solid series.  (On a side note, Snake previously appeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl on Wii.)

The most interesting listing?  Jerry Lambert, known as the infamous Kevin Butler, spokesman for all things PlayStation.  To see him included in a game, well, that would be nothing short of amazing.  Granted, these guys aren’t confirmed as playable, but it’d be a trip to see Nathan go a few rounds with Kevin.  Our money’s on Butler.

Stay tuned for more confirmation at E3!