Sony means serious business when it comes to the cross-compatibility of its PlayStation 3 and PS Vita systems.  They've been talking about Cross-Play for a while, and with the introduction of Cross-Buy, it introduces a new value that's suitable for owners of both systems.  But could Sony be considering something for those who own neither?

Apparently so.  When Fergal Gara, managing director of PlayStation UK, was asked by CVG if a bundle between the two systems was possible, Fergal stated that Sony would "have nothing against (a bundle) whatsoever," and might even be in consideration.

Obviously, it'd be pricier than most of the bundles that are out there now, with all the hardware included and possible games being thrown in on top.  The PS3 currently goes for $269-$299 at the moment, depending on the bundle you buy, and the Vita somewhere between $249-$349, again, depending on inclusions.  But still, for someone who wants everything in one shot, this might be worthwhile.

We'll let you know if Sony makes an official decision on the bundling, but if you can't wait, hey, buy 'em both and enjoy.  You do have that option.