It was a pretty good press conference for Sony this morning, and while we wait for news to pour in, we can share a couple of tidbits straight from the show.

First off, for those of you concerned about having to pay for the same game twice on PS3 and PS Vita (namely PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale and Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time), don't be.  Sony has announced a new Cross-Buy program, where if you buy one version of the game, you'll get the digital one for the other platform free.  Not a bad deal, though you'll probably need some room on your hard drive…

Also, Sony expanded its roster for PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale today, adding four new faces – Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet from the Ratchet and Clank series, Spike from the Ape Escape series, and, most surprisingly, Dante from Capcom's DMC: Devil May Cry reboot.  It just keeps getting better and better.

We'll have more announcements from the PlayStation press conference soon!