Sony has seen better days in the game industry.  While its PlayStation Vita is a spankingly cool piece of technology and its PS3 is picking up speed in units sold, the company still faces a critical loss for its first quarter of fiscal 2012.

Reports indicate that Sony has lost $312 million across many of its electronics divisions, including music, film, TV, mobile, and cameras.  The game division isn’t exactly doing so great either, as the company posted a $45 million loss, even with the launch of the PlayStation Vita.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like things will get better right away, as the company expects to lose more money later in the year trying to get on the rebound.  "We have downwardly revised our consolidated results forecast for the current fiscal year, anticipating a severe operating environment from the second quarter onward resulting from uncertain foreign exchange rates and trends in the global economy."

Here’s hoping they stay in it to win it…