This week Sony will confirm its long-awaited Smash Bros. clone, PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale. While we wait for the official roster to be confirmed, we couldn’t help but put together our dream list of combatants.  These are the heroes we'd like to see appear in the game, just for the sake of prosperity… and fun, of course.

In making our wishlist, we chose to overlook the more popular characters like Kratos who is undoubtedly a lock for this kind of game, as are Nathan Drake and Sweet Tooth.  We know they’re in there!  With that in mind, we take a look at a few more obscure heroes that should make some sort of appearance in the game if we have our wish...

Nariko (Heavenly Sword)

The red-headed beauty who first appeared in Sony’s debut “epic” game for the PlayStation 3 would no doubt be a fierce competitor on the roster.  Using her various swinging blades and her physical prowess, she would no doubt be a hard warrior to conquer on the battlefield.  We have a feeling that even Kratos would have his hands full with this chick – especially if she wields the Heavenly Sword!

Sly Cooper and the Gang (Sly Cooper series)

With Sly Cooper making his return later this year with Thieves In Time (a game that’s bound to be a big highlight at Sony’s E3 booth), it’s only fair that the master thief make some sort of appearance in All Stars, especially with the use of his cane and his stealthy moves that can help him move around each stage.  What’s more, his fellow gang members Bentley the Turtle and Murray the Hippo can easily help out when Sly needs it the most.

Fat Princess (Fat Princess)

Just because the Princess is Fat doesn’t mean she’s useless.  In fact, the body mass used by this character, first introduced in a classic PlayStation Network multiplayer experience, gives her the upper hand!  She can easily roll over enemies and also call upon fellow knights to do some damage in her time of need.  Maybe she can also hurl food around like projectiles, perfect for long-range attacks.  Get her in this game, Sony!

Ratchet and Clank (Ratchet and Clank series)

We’ll easily take Ratchet and Clank as playable characters in the PlayStation All Stars game.  Clank can help Ratchet get around the battlefield using his helicopter ability while the warrior can strike back using an assortment of weapons.  Can you imagine making the whole room get down with the Groovitron?  Or, for that matter, lashing out with a laser whip and doing some major damage when a gun simply won’t do the trick?  What the heck, let’s throw in Captain Quark for a little group mayhem to keep things interesting.

Gabriel Logan (Syphon Filter)

It’s been ages since we’ve seen Logan take part in any sort of mission, but by no means does that indicate he’s gone rusty.  Syphon Filter’s main star still has plenty of power to burn, and can let loose in battle with a number of weapons, as well as up-close melee attacks that can really dish out some damage. He can call upon teammates to unleash some fierce supporting attacks, helping him clear the screen.  Maybe this can pave the way for Syphon 4…

Cole McGrath (Infamous series)

Want to see someone who really livens up the place in a supercharged sort of way?  Cole McGrath is the unlikely hero who uses electricity both in good and bad ways (depending on the player), capable of a variety of attacks that can easily clear any screen.  Our extra wish is to see Cole get badass and squash someone with a train car.  Anyone who knows the series knows exactly what I'm talking about!

Jak and Daxter (Jak and Daxter series)

Who says that Jak and Daxter can’t jump into the next generation?  The tag team’s HD compilation proved to be a worthwhile release and confirmed that the team still knows how to do its stuff.  They could team up for swinging team attacks, use gadgets surrounding the stage to pummel enemies, and call on the power of the Precursor Orbs to dish out some major damage!

Parappa the Rapper

“I gotta believe!”  The infamous rapping dog, who went from “U RAPPIN AWFUL” to “U RAPPIN GREAT”, would easily fit in to Sony All Stars’ ranks, even if he’s been out of action for the last few years.  He could bring his rapping skills to the table in a brutal fashion, along with friends (Master Onion returns?!) and a few slick dance moves to knock everyone out.  We gotta believe he’d be a great add-on.


He may be just a kid but Ico has what it takes to survive in a match.  If Ness can do it in Smash Bros., why can’t this little guy?  He could easily knock opponents around, fling chains like a pro when they come chasing after him, and maybe even call on a Colossus from Team Ico's sister series to do some damage.  Maybe he could also bring in that jibberish-talking chick to confuse folks.  Divisionary tactic!

Kevin Butler

Last but definitely not least, we have the epicness of Kevin Butler, who dare not be denied!  Kevin could easily pummel opponents with his choice words, throw around PlayStation Move controllers like projectiles, and even dish out some harsh words about Xbox Live users that would leave his foes shivering in fear.  Look at the anger in those eyes!  He'd be a natural fit!

Who would you like to see in All Stars Battle Royale?  Sound off!