Longtime Pokemon Go players know all about the grind. For example, it takes considerable effort to jump from level 27 to level 28. In fact, players must accumulate 250,000 XP to make it happen! Depending on someone’s level of dedication, this could take well over a month or longer.

Of course, there are several different ways to get XP fast, and the developers at Niantic will reward fans with a double XP weekend for Pokemon Go. Beginning today, November 23rd and lasting all the way to November 30th, players will get double XP and double Stardust for completing various tasks in the game. This includes catching Pokemon and visiting PokeStops. 

Niantic had this to say to its Pokemon Go fan base. 

“It has been an incredible experience since we launched Pokémon GO a few short months ago in July. We are passionate about creating experiences that encourage exploration and promote exercise. We are humbled that hundreds of millions of you around the world have joined us on this journey. So we would like to say thank you - and what better way to say thank you than to celebrate our community.”

Considering most Americans have off for Thanksgiving, Black Friday 2016 and the weekend, this is awesome news! Now we can spend these days wandering around our neighborhoods catching Pokemon and getting double XP and Stardust. This will definitely make leveling up in the game a much easier process. 

For more info about the game, check out our Pokemon Go Guide, which includes a ton of features that address everything, from a battle type chart to starting the game with Pikachu.

Source: Indie Obscura