Apple had a lot to say today in regards to upcoming products, but one of the biggest announcements was that Pokemon Go is coming to the Apple iWatch. As one of the biggest mobile game releases of the summer, the fact that Pokemon Go is coming to the iWatch is significant in many ways. In addition, the app is a little different on the iWatch, adding a bit of functionality.

The new version of Pokemon Go for the iWatch allows players to see calories burned and view nearby Pokemon while they’re taking a walk. When you get close to a Poke Stop it will also appear on the watch. If that weren’t enough, there’s a special Pokemon Go watch face that with be available alongside the app release.

Niantic was on hand to unveil this news, but it likely won’t stop there. The company has already confirmed that updates will be coming to Pokemon Go as often as biweekly. The game will continue to evolve over the Fall with Pokemon trades and more coming before the end of the year.

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