If you want to find the rarest Pokemon or level up quickly in Pokemon Go, one of the best ways to do that is to plan a hunting trip with friends and like-minded individuals. With the weekend coming up we thought it was time to provide some helpful advice on how to play the ultimate Pokemon Go hunting trip. Here you’ll find everything you need to plan and advertise the trip to make sure you get the most out of your hunt.

The Necessities

Before you even begin to advertise or tell your friends about your hunting trip, you need make sure you have everything to make the trip a success. That includes one (or more) external battery charger (you can find them as low at 10 dollars in most places), plenty of water and snacks (preferably healthy snacks) and maybe even a portable generator depending on how many people are going and how long you’ll be hunting. Battery life is the main reason you’d need to call it a night early, so be extra prepared.

Getting the Word Out

If you just want to invite your friends, that’s a fairly easy task. Text them or contact them on Facebook, however you normally talk to your friends, and tell them you want to have a Pokemon Go outing. There isn’t much to that. However, if you want to invite any and all Pokemon Go players in your area, it requires a bit more effort to get the word out.

The easiest way to inform a lot of people at once is to create a Facebook event page or even a Facebook group and title it based on your area. If you live in Los Angeles, you might title it something along the lines of “Pokemon Go Los Angeles Meet Up”. You can swap out “Meet Up” for “Hunting Party” or “Gathering” depending on what you’re comfortable with.

Generally speaking, a group is better than an event, because people will join the group and stay there. Then you can post any and all events within the group for anyone who’s available. Once you’ve established your group of event page, tell you friends to share it on their Facebooks so the word spreads.

You can also head over to the Pokemon Go Reddit to spread the word that way as well. It’s not quite as effective as having your friends spread the word on Facebook because the Sub Reddit moves pretty quickly. Unless a new topic is upvoted quite a bit, it won’t appear in the “Hot” section to be visible to move people.

There’s a lot that can go into planning a hunting trip, but hopefully these tips will help you get the ball rolling. Keep in mind we also have helpful tips on fast leveling and the best way to hatch an egg in Pokemon Go

Preparation for the Hunt

When posting on Facebook or Reddit, it’s important to include the necessities people should bring. Tell everyone to pick up an extra charger for their phone batteries, as well as water and healthy snacks. The less you have to share the better off everyone will be, even if it’s just you and your friends.

For something different, find out how to find Pokemon using Google Maps. If not, hopefully you’ve done enough exploring to know where the best spots are. Plan a good time for people to go, but remember that you can’t please everyone. Find a time that works for the majority, even if it doesn’t work for everyone. You can always plan more hunting adventures.

Finally, you should have a plan of action. Know which PokeStops and gyms you’re going to frequent on your hunt. Have a set plan of travel so you know where you’re going and in what order you’re going to be stopping at each location. You don’t have to follow this plan super closely, but as long as you have a good idea of where you want to go you’ll be much better organized.