This article will tell you how to make different Pokeball throws in the addictive mobile game, Pokemon Go. Most players throw Pokeballs from the bottom of the screen, but sometimes it can be easy to miss. We discovered a new way to throw Pokeballs in the game.

Instead of flicking from the bottom of the screen, throw from roughly half way up the screen. Doing this might allow for better control over the way you throw the Pokeball. By throwing from the upper portion of the screen, it comes down at a better angle and lands inside of the ring, upping the odds of catching the Pokemon.

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Where the ball lands can vary, from Nice to Great to Excellent (with Excellent obviously being the best ranking available), so try the top-down throw and see what it does for you.

Admittedly this won’t be for everyone. Despite limited success throwing this way, we still prefer to throw from the bottom of the screen. Ultimately, you need to go with a method that feels comfortable, and most importantly, prevents you from wasting Pokeballs.