The Bubble strategy in Pokemon Go is a way to quickly max out your gym to level 10 and earn a large amount of experience points (XP) very fast. This is not a hack and doesn’t require any modification to your phone. The Bubble strategy simply takes advantage of a very specific match up in the game that allows you to quickly and easily earn a lot of XP while leveling up a gym.

We’ve already shown you some ways you can earn a lot of XP very quickly. However, the Bubble strategy allows you to do this even faster, but requires a bit more preparation to get started. Before we get started on how to perform the Bubble strategy, let’s quickly cover what you’ll need to make this work.

  • Level 1 Diglett
  • Level 1 Horsea, Krabby or Poliwag
  • A few Revives

As you can see, you don’t need all that much to make this strategy work. First off, you need to find a level 1 Diglett. It’s usually best to look in areas with low traffic. Maybe on the outskirts of town or just in areas where there aren’t a lot of people. You can find a level Diglett in other places, but low traffic locations seem to be the best.

Once you have your level 1 Diglett, you need to use Stardust and Candy to power it up one time and only one time. This is referred to as a level 1.5 Diglett. If your Diglett goes above 10 CP, you need to start over with another Diglett. If your Diglett does not have Scratch, you need to start over with another Diglett (Mudshot works too, but you won’t find it on freshly caught Digletts).

With your appropriate level 1.5 Diglett, you need to catch a Horsea, Krabby or Poliwag and power it up to 20 CP. Make sure whichever one you choose you have Bubble. Ideally you want your Horsea, Krabby or Poliwag to have the lowest defense Individual Value (IV) possible. It has to be less than seven points higher than the attack IV of your Diglett. If you’re unsure what IV is, we provide a detailed way to find it online, or a way you can check with the latest in-game update.

When you have a Diglett and Horsea, Krabby or Poliwag with the proper stats and attacks, you need to take over a gym so that you can add your Horsea, Krabby or Poliwag as a defender. Horsea is the easiest to use, followed by Krabby and then Poliwag. Train your Diglett at the gym, tapping the screen as quickly as possible to attack with Scratch (or Mudshot) as fast as you can.

If you attack fast enough (hitting with five Scratch attacks or four Mudshots) you will take down the defender without getting hit. In the worst case, your Diglett will faint and you’ll need to use a Revive, but once you get the hang of this you shouldn’t have to revive very often, if at all. When performed successfully you will earn 1,000 Prestige for the gym and 100 XP for yourself. You can do this repeatedly for an hour to earn over 30,000 XP (or 60,000 with a Lucky Egg active).

Here’s a quick snapshot of the process:

  • Power up a Diglett to level 1.5 with 10 CP.
  • Power up a Horsea, Krabby or Poliwag to 20 CP.
  • Take over a gym and set your Horsea, Krabby or Poliwag as a defender.
  • Rapidly attack with Scratch or Mudshot to take down the Horsea, Krabby or Poliwag before it can attack you at all.
  • Repeat the process to earn a ton of XP and level up a gym very fast.

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