Pokemon Go allows you to catch Pokemon in nearby locations, but now there’s a way to find a Pokemon anywhere in the world without being limited by the in-game map. That’s right, you no longer have to deal with the limitations of the map in Pokemon Go that only shows your immediate area. There’s a new website available that will show you all of the naturally spawning Pokemon anywhere in the world.

Now there are a few catches to this new mapping system offered by PokeVision. Unlike the player-made Google Maps that show where Pokemon have spawned in the past, the new site uses the Niantic API to talk directly with the Pokemon Go servers to find the Pokemon. The problem is that if the Pokemon Go servers are down, or there’s high traffic, the search and mapping features might take a bit more time, if they work at all. If the servers are running smoothly you shouldn't have any issues.

To get started, all you have to do is head over to PokeVision to see something similar to Google Maps. The site defaults to Santa Monica, but you can type in an address or click on the map to set a marker anywhere in the world, and the map will relocated to the designated location once you press the red button. Depending on the server load, it may take a few moments for the Pokemon to appear, but once they do they will have countdown timers indicating how long the Pokemon will be around before it despawns.

Unfortunately, PokeVision is only able to track Pokemon that spawn naturally. If someone uses a Lure or Incense, those Pokemon won’t appear on PokeVision. For the most part this isn’t a big issue because Lures only work near PokeStops and Incense is something you would use personally. PokeVision is mainly for giving players the added ability of checking specific areas before going out on a hunt for more Pokemon.

Because PokeVision is directly tied to the Pokemon Go servers, be sure to check out our coverage on how to determine if the Pokemon Go servers are down. You can also find other useful hints and tips in our Pokemon Go guide hub!