Niantic released a new Pokemon Go update that allows players to get Smoochum, Pichu, Togepi, Igglybuff, Magby, Elekid, Cleffa and other new baby Pokemon in new eggs. If you haven’t been keeping up with Pokemon Go, there have been quite a few additions via updates over the past few months, but this is the biggest update so far with the addition of multiple new Pokemon. The Gen 2 Pokemon have been rumored to appear in Pokemon Go for some time, and now they’re finally here.

How to Get Pichu, Igglybuff and More

Pokemon Go Pichu

To get Pichu, Igglybuff, Togepi and other baby Pokemon in Pokemon Go, you need to hatch them from eggs. Unfortunately, this means things can be a bit random. The Pokemon you obtain from eggs are determined when you first receive the egg. That means any eggs you had in your inventory before December 12, 2016 will not contain the new Pokemon. You will need to acquire new eggs for a chance at the new additions. In addition, it seems that Smoochum has been more commonly found in 10km eggs. You can see a list of all the Pokemon in this new egg chart from Reddit.

According to Niantic, more Pokemon from Gold and Silver will be added over the next few months. In addition, starting on December 12 and running through the morning of December 29, players will be able to find a limited edition version of Pikachu in Pokemon Go. This special Pikachu will be wearing a festive hat to celebrate the holiday season.

It’s unknown if any new Pokemon will also be hatched via eggs when they’re added over the next few months, but stay tuned to Prima Games as we continually update our Pokemon Go guide hub with the latest on the evolving app, including the bubble power leveling strategy.