If your cell phone battery has died while playing Pokemon Go, we’ve got a couple of tips to help you maintain your battery so you can play a little bit longer. If you’ve been outside over the past week you’ve probably see a lot of people on their cell phones playing Pokemon Go. Unfortunately, most cell phone batteries don’t last that long, especially when you’ve got the screen on and an app running nonstop. We’ve even seen some entrepreneurial Pokemon Trainers offer various power sources at popular Pokemon Go locations.

If you’ve been looking around for PokeStops and other points of interest, check out how Google Maps works with Pokemon Go. You can also save time on your battery life by checking out our tips on leveling fast. Stay tuned to Prima Games for more tips and tricks on Pokemon Go.

Catching Pokemon and taking over gyms drains your battery, but the biggest culprit of a drained battery for most Pokemon Trainers is the process of hatching eggs. It can take up to 10 kilometers of walking to hatch some of the eggs you’ll come across, and you need to have your phone on and the app running to make it all work. There’s an energy saver mode in the Pokemon Go app that will allow you to place the phone in your pocket while hatching an egg to help you conserve battery life. Make sure you have that turned on before you go on a 10 kilometer walk.

Of course there are plenty of times when your battery runs low and you’re not hatching eggs. If this is happening to you, turn the brightness on your screen down as low as possible. At first it may seem too dark to play, but that’s only because your eyes are accustomed to a much brighter screen. In reality, even the lowest brightness setting on most phones is easily bright enough to play Pokemon Go, especially if you’re playing at night.

Another great trick to conserve battery life is to turn off the augmented reality (AR) toggle in the upper right corner of the screen. This causes the simulated scenery to go away so the only addition to what you're seeing through the camera on your phone is the Pokemon. While it may not be as immersive, it will save considerably when it comes to draining your battery.

You can also turn off anything you don’t actively need running on your phone. Most people keep blue tooth, wifi and other unnecessary applications running when you don’t need them. If your phone isn’t actively connected to another blue tooth device, turn blue tooth off. The same goes for wifi, NFC and anything else you may have on that you don’t need. Of course these processes don’t take up a ton of battery life, but when you couple it with everything else, it can make a difference.

The best way to keep your Pokemon Go gaming experience running is to invest in an external battery charger. When these devices were first introduced a few years back, they were fairly expensive. However, more recently you can find them for 10 dollars or even less depending on where you look. Of course the cost of the external charger is usually directly associated with how much charge you can get out of them, but if you just need another hour or so of play time, even the cheapest options will work. You can check out a variety of external chargers on Amazon.