Lures and Incense are very important in Pokemon Go, and this short guide will give you all the information you need to make the most out of these items. You can buy Lures and Incense at PokeStops and by spending PokeCoins. PokeStops replenish inventory every five minutes, so if you want to avoid spending a lot of PokeCoins, just stop by PokeStops frequently to collect these items and more.

Once you have Lures and Incense you can start getting Pokemon to appear more often. Both items have a very similar function in that they cause Pokemon to appear more frequently for 30 minutes. A Lure can only be used at a PokeStop and will draw more Pokemon to that area for any nearby Trainer to catch. Incense has the same effect, except that it only works for your Trainer, as more Pokemon will be drawn toward you.

Not everyone has the time to plan Pokemon Go hunting trips or look up Pokemon on Google Maps. For these people it’s much easier to drop a Lure or light Incense and draw the Pokemon to them. It’s also beneficial to use a Lucky Egg when you light Incense or use a Lure. This doubles the XP of all Pokemon catch during the increased activity.

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