Pokemon Sun and Moon has finally arrived, and we are here to help you through both versions with our Sun and Moon Guide! Our guide will show you the differences between Pokemon Sun and Moon, how to find care for your Pokemon, as well as all Z move Locations. Find every Oricorio form, evolve your starters, and explore the islands of Alola with our Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Tips

Before you start your adventure, here are some handy tips to keep in mind.

  • The Pokemon Sun game world will be the same time as the system clock on your 3DS, meaning it will be day if you play during the day, while Pokemon Moon will be 12 hours ahead.
  • Gyms and Gym Leaders are gone from Pokemon, replaced by all new Island Trials and Kahunas.
  • Press the Y button to call your rideable Pokemon at any time after unlocking the ability.
  • Buying Pokeballs in multiples of 10 will give you a free Premier Ball.
  • Talk to every NPC you find by pressing A, most of them will have something to give you.
  • Use a Pokemon with the Flame Body ability to hatch eggs faster.
  • Poke Bean colors are aesthetic only, your pokemon will eat any of them if they are hungry.
  • Wild Pokemon that have a status condition will be unable to call for help.
  • Pet your Pokemon in Pokemon Refresh to raise their affection levels.
  • Z-Moves will go through a defending Pokemon using Protect, though at a reduced value.

Our Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide will be updated with new content daily.

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