Ever since Sun and Moon trailers started appearing online, people wanted to know where they could get Rockruff. It is easy to find Rockruff, but you have to know where to look on Alola. Rockruff can evolve into different forms, depending on what version of Sun and Moon you have, but both forms make Rockruff worth finding.

Where to Find Rockruff

Rockruff is found on the first island of Alola, near your house! Unfortunately, there will be some rocks blocking your path that only a Tauros can break through. In order to find Rockruff, you must complete the first Island challenge to open up a Grand Trial battle with Kahuna Hala.

After you defeat Kahuna Hala, he will give you a Ride Pager, which can be used to call Tauros by pressing Y. Hop on Tauros and head south from the Grand Trial encounter, towards your house. There will be an opening in the fence across from your house that leads down to the beach with the Pokemon Research house.

Once at the Pokemon Research house, head to the left. You will see a few rocks and a sign that says Ten Carat Hill. If you are only interested in Rockruff you may want to use a Repel, because there will be a lot of wild Pokemon inside the cave you have to get through first.. Keep heading left where you will have to break a few more rocks, eventually coming up to a giant boulder. Tauros can not break this boulder, so head to the right to enter the Farthest Hollow.

How to Catch Rockruff

Rockruff is located in the Farthest Hollow, so jump in the grass and get looking! Rockruff has a low chance of popping up even though you are in the correct place. Be prepared to spend quite a while in the grass of Farthest Hollow to find a Rockruff, but keep at it and it will show eventually. Once you find the Rockruff, you can use traditional methods to catch it.

The most important part of catching Rockruff is to not knock it out! You may be significantly higher level that the Rockruff you find, so be carefull. The Munchlax you received as a pre-order bonus knows a move called Hold Back, which will never one shot a Pokemon. Use Munchlax if you are afraid of knocking out Rockruff before you can catch it. Giving Rockruff a status condition is also a great way to increase your chances of catching it.

Rockruff Stats

Now that you have your own Rockruff, hop into Pokemon Refresh to find out where it likes to be pet. Petting your Pokemon will raise their affection levels, making them more effective in battle. As you can probably tell from its puppy appearance, Rockruff is not a great battler at first. However, it will evolve into Lycanroc. Sun users will get a Midday Form Lycanroc that is incredibly fast and has a high attack stat, while Moon trainers will get a Midnight Form Lycanroc that is slower, but with higher defense stats. All forms of Rockruff are Rock Types, meaning Rock moves will get the benefit of STAB.