This guide will show you how to get the Team Skull tank top in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Team Skull may be bad, but there is no doubting their fashion sense. If you want to dress as cool as Team Skull, you are going to need Team Skull clothes. Read on to find the Team Skull shirt in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

How to Unlock the Team Skull Store

The first step in getting the Team Skull shirt is to find the Team Skull store. Of course, Team Skull does not have an actual store, but there is only one building you can buy the Team Skull tank top in. In order to find this building, you must beat the game first. You can only purchase the Team Skull shirt after beating Pokemon Sun or Moon and defeating Team Skull.


Once you finish the main campaign, you will have to head to Po Town on Ula’ula Island. Ula’ Ula is the southernmost island of Alola, and it is where you battled Sophocles and Acerola. Po Town is located in the south exit of Route 17 on Ula’ula Island. Route 17 connects Ula’ula meadow and P Town. Once inside Po Town, head to the Pokemon Center that no longer functions. Walk past the two Team Skull members when you first enter Po Town and make a right to find the Pokemon Center.

How to Buy the Team Skull Tank Top

Now that you are in the abandoned Pokemon Center, you will see a few Team Skull members and a Spinda hanging out inside. There will be a Team Skull girl behind the register, and a Team Skull grunt to the right. Talk to the grunt on the right by pressing A. The grunt will say a few rhyming lines, then the girl behind the counter will take over.


You will have to listen to a fairly long song as the Team Skull girl rhymes over and over, with even Spinda joining in on the action! At the end of the song, the Team Skull girl will offer you a shirt for 10,000 Pokemon Yen. Since you can only unlock the Team Skull shirt after you beat Pokemon Sun and Moon, you should have plenty of money to spare. Accept her offer to buy the Team Skull shirt. If you buy the Team Skull shirt, the two Team Skull members will leave the Pokemon Center for good.


Now that you have the Team Skull tank top, you will need to put it on. To learn how to put on the Team Skull tank, or any other shirt, check out our guide on how to change clothes in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Head over to our Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide Hub for everything else you need to know about Alola.