This guide will show you how to ride Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. In Pokemon Sun and Moon you will be traveling through multiple islands during your quest to become a Pokemon Champion. Previous games this would require you to hop on your bike or use HMs to travel quickly, however Pokemon Sun and Moon has removed these mechanics entirely. So how do you get around the islands of Alola? You ride a Pokemon!

How to Get the Pokemon Ride Pager

Pokemon Sun and Moon introduces the Poke Ride mechanic, which allows you to climb onto the backs of certain Pokemon to ride. You will need to get the Pokemon Ride Pager before you can start galloping through the islands. In order to obtain your first Pokemon Ride Pager you will have to defeat Kahuna Hala in the Grand Trial on Melemele Island. Once you defeat Kahuna Hala, he will reward you with the Pokemon Ride Pager.

How to Use Poke Ride

The Pokemon Ride Pagers are kept in their own menu screen. You can access your collection by pressing the Y button while playing the game. You can assign up to four Pagers to the 3DS’s D-Pad as an easy way to access your rideable Pokemon. Please note that these Pokemon are not part of your Pokemon line up. They will not count towards your Pokedex and you cannot use them in combat.

All Poke Ride Pokemon

Tauros - Rewarded to you after defeating Kahuna Hala in the Grand Trial on Melemele Island. It allows you to smash through large boulders.

Stoutland - Given to you by Mallow at the Paniola Ranch on Akala Island. Stoutland can help locate hidden items throughout the region.

Lapras - Captain Lana will give you the Pokemon Ride Pager for Lapras during the trial on Brooklet Hill on Akala Island. Lapras allows you to surf across the water. You can also fish on top of Lapras’s back.

Charizard - The Pokemon Ride Pager for Charizard is given to you as a reward for completing Captain Kiawe’s trial at the Wela Volcano Park on Akala Island. This Poke Ride replaces the Fly HM from previous games. Simply select the Pager and choose what area you want to fly to.

Sharpedo - Sharpedo is given to you as a gift by Grimsley on Route 15 on Ula’ula Island. Sharpedo acts as Tauros but on water. Use Sharpedo when you need to smash rocks that are in your way. Please note that you cannot fish on top of Sharpedo like you can on Lapras.

Machamp - You get the Machamp Pokemon Ride Pager on the Ancient Poni Path on Poni Island. Hapu’s grandmother gives you the Pager as a gift late in the game. Machamp can push huge blocks of stone that block your way. You will mostly use this Pager in caves and ruins. 

MudsdaleYou receive the Mudsdale Pokemon Ride Pager as a gift from Hapu at Route 12 on Ula’ula Island. Mudsdale has the ability to walk across rocky terrain that is normally inaccessible.

Now that you can ride Pokemon, head back to areas that were previously closed off to you when walking on foot!You'll want to look cool while riding, so learn how to change your clothes in Pokemon Sun and Moon.