Pokemon Sun and Moon versions have some major differences, and this article will help you decide which version of the new Pokemon you should get. Like always, there are two new Pokemon games for you to choose from, and Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will play out very differently. Read on to find the major differences and see if you should pick up Pokemon Sun, or Pokemon Moon.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Time Difference

The biggest difference between Pokemon Sun and Moon is the time. As you can probably guess, Sun favors the daytime while Moon favors night. This is not always the case however, because Pokemon Sun and Moon set their times based on when you are playing. The Pokemon Sun game world will take pace at the time of your 3DS clock, while Pokemon Moon will be 12 hours ahead. For example, if you are playing at Noon in real life, Sun will be daylight and Moon will be dark, since the game world will be at Midnight.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon time difference is not only an aesthetic change, the time of day will determine what Pokemon you encounter as well. Gastly and Alolan Rattata are prevalent at night, while day players will encounter more Yongoose. When choosing between Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, think about when your favorite Pokemon are likely to appear.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Totem Differences

Totems are a brand new mechanic in Pokemon Sun and Moon, replacing the Gym system from previous Pokemon games. A Totem encounter will end against a powerful Pokemon, and which Pokemon you face will be determined by the copy of the game you have. We won’t spoil it for you, but the first Totem Pokemon you face in Pokemon Moon will be more common at night.

Pokemon Exclusive to Sun and Moon

The biggest factor when deciding to get Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon is the Pokemon! Like the other Pokemon games, certain Pokemon are exclusive to a version of the game. The most obvious difference is the Legendary Pokemon featured on the covers of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Sun players will be trying to catch Solgaleo, the dual type Psychic and Steel Pokemon that can enter a phase called Radiant Sun. Pokemon Moon will feature the Legendary Pokemon Lunala, which can enter a Full Moon phase. Lunala is also a dual type Pokemon, having both Psychic and Ghost characteristics.

In addition to the Legendary Pokemon, certain Pokemon from previous games have adapted to new forms while living in Alola. These Alolan forms can be exclusive to a version of the game, so players who want an Ice type Ninetails should lean towards Sun. Moon players will be on the lookout for Alolan Sandslash, which is also an Ice type now.

Rockruff in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Growlithe isn’t the only cute puppy Pokemon anymore as Rockruff will be joining the party in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Rockruff will have two different forms, and they will be determined by the version of the game you have. If you catch Rockruff in Pokemon Sun, it will evolve into Midday Form Lycanroc. This version of Lycanroc has incredible speed and is the only Pokemon who can learn the Rock type move Accelerock.

A Rockruff that is caught in Pokemon Moon will evolve into Midnight Form Lycanroc, a decidedly scarier looking version. According to the Pokedex, Midnight Form Lycanroc lives for battle and actually appears to walk on its hind legs. You can expect Midnight Form Lycanroc to have a higher attack value than the Midday Form, though it will probably be significantly slower. Although your Rockruff will only evolve based on what version of the game you have, both forms of Lycanrock will be available in each game, depending on what time you play!

Now that you know which version of Pokemon Sun and Moon you should get, stay tuned to Prima for more content on how to master the Alola Islands!