Welcome Pokemon trainers! This guide will show you the best tips in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. You are about to set off on a wild and exciting adventure in the Alola region! You have your hat on tight, your comfy shorts that are easy to wear, and the overwhelming feeling that you have no idea what to do in Alola. Don’t panic. Here are some easy tips to help you master Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon.

How to Use Pokemon Types Effectively

Possibly one of the biggest blunders a new trainer can make is to use a move that is not effective against an opposing Pokemon. There are a total of 18 different Pokemon types in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. To make matters more complicated, many Pokemon have two types, which can completely change what moves would normally work on them. Fortunately, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will tell you if your move will be effective, not effective, super effective, or no effect against a Pokemon. This will help players that do not want to memorize every combination of Pokemon types. However, you must battle a Pokemon first before the type effectiveness will show, so it is still handy to learn type matchups.

Catch a Diverse Roster of Pokemon

When filling up your Pokemon roster in Pokemon Sun & Moon, make sure you keep your line-up diverse with types. While it might be a cool and fun idea to have exclusively bird or flying type Pokemon, you will feel a wave of regret once you go up against the new Alola variant of Graveler. Your flying Pokemon are weak to the rock type of Graveler, making any encounter a difficult battle. Take a look at your Pokemon and ask yourself what coverage you are lacking. Do you have a Fairy Pokemon that can be super effective against Dragons? Will Psychic Pokemon be an issue for your Fighting Pokemon? Ideally you should have a team that can use a super effective move on every type.

Lost in Alola? Use Your Rotom Pokedex!

In earlier Pokemon games it was rather difficult to get lost, usually the further you were from your hometown the closer you were to finishing the game. In Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon you will be travelling through multiple islands that are not broken up so clearly, and your movement is no longer restricted to a grid! Fortunately, your Rotom Pokedex has a built-in map. It resides on the bottom screen of your 3DS when you are walking around. When lost, simply look at the map to locate a small red and white flag icon. The flag icon is how your current objective is marked in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. You can tap on the Rotom Pokedex to bring up the full map of each island for a larger view.

While the map helps make Pokemon Sun and Moon have a linear feel to it, there are still so many nooks and crannies for you to explore on each island. Spend a moment to explore your surrounding area or go to an area you barely had time to be in, like the Melemele Meadow on Route 3. More likely than not you will come across useful items, or a certain cheerleader bird, that can help you along the way.

Head over to our Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon guide to learn more about the land of Alola, and make sure you care for your Pokemon!