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4.2 Vehicles


There are five different vehicles in total that you can acquire during your adventures in the Wasteland. Each vehicle comes equipped with its own set of stock parts. However, once you have access to a garage, you can tune each vehicle to your liking by installing new parts like more powerful engines, boost upgrades, better tires, and improved suspension. In this section, we take a close look at each vehicle and their upgrades. Tuning tips are also provided, helping you get the most performance possible out of each ride.



The Jetter ATV is the first vehicle you acquire in the Wasteland, provided by Dan Hagar. It is fast and very maneuverable, serving as a good training platform while you get used to the driving mechanics. Despite its small size, the Jetter is equipped with a boost function, great for rapid acceleration. However, it lacks the speed and mass to complete the various vehicle jumps—you’ll need at least the Dune Buster to begin smashing those drones. While this rugged all-terrain vehicle is great for shuttling between the Hagar and Outrigger Settlements, avoid driving it beyond the barricade. The Jetter has no armor or weapons, making it extremely vulnerable to attacks by bandit vehicles and guard towers. There are also no upgrades or themes available for the Jetter either, so what you see is what you get.


The Jetter is required to score field goals. Reference the Field Goals section of the Extended Play chapter to locate the goal posts and score the three field goals.

Dune Buster


The Dune Buster is a rugged little buggy that Durar Hagar has fixed up for you. You receive the Dune Buster as a reward for completing the Find the Buggy Parts job. Of all the vehicles, the Dune Buster offers the best balance of speed and maneuverability. This makes it perfect for races and other speed-based challenges. However, the vehicle has weak armor and limited weapon options, making it less than ideal for vehicular combat. Still, with the proper upgrades, the Dune Buster can hold its own in any situation......

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