Red Dead Redemption

Gameplay basics and walkthrough for main missions and side missions


Dead Eye

Engage Dead Eye and time slows down, allowing you to aim and fire with pinpoint accuracy. You can also mark several targets before firing to take them all down in quick succession.


You’ll encounter four types of zombies during your travels through the plague-ridden West:

-“Normal” Undead – Normal undead are slow moving and have no special attacks. However, once they target you, their speed increases significantly.

-Bolters – Bolters are fast-moving zombies that travel on all fours and are thus, difficult to target. Use Dead Eye to dispatch these creepy flesh-eaters.

-Bruisers – Bruisers are very large undead that charge their enemies and knock them to the ground. Hit them before they hit you!

-Retchers – Retchers are the only zombies with a ranged attack. They spew toxic goo that can incapacitate you for a brief period of time. Also, they explode when killed damaging all nearby people and zombies.

In addition to zombies, much of the wildlife as also been tainted. Undead cougars, dogs, bears, etc. roam the countryside in search of live victims. Do not take these threats lightly as they are capable of ripping your horse out from under you!

Tip: Loot corpses that are dressed in ammo belts to find ammunition.


Approach your horse and follow the onscreen prompts to mount up. Spur your horse to increase your speed and hold down the spur button to maintain your current speed. Your horse's stamina is represented by the blue gauge along the left side of your mini-map. Once the horse is out of stamina, further spurring may cause you to be bucked off.

Caution: Zombies will pull you from your horse, so keep a safe distance.

Weapon selection

Visit the "Weapons" menu to compare and select one weapon from each type to be placed on the radial overlay. You can then bring up the radial overlay and quickly select and equip the desired weapon. As you unlock and earn more weapons, make sure to re-visit the Weapons menu to examine them.

Clearing towns

Before you can fast travel or save your game, you must first clear a town of the undead presence. To do so, approach the town and kill zombies until the Town Safety Meter completely fills. Once it fills, kill one last wave of zombies and the town will be saved... for now. Once the town is cleared, search out ammo caches marked with green dots on your mini-map. Also, sleep at a bed, marked with a green house icon, to save your game. Finally, you can visit a bed to fast travel to any other "safe" towns. One last thing, you can speed up the town-clearing process by speaking with survivors, marked with blue dots on your mini-map, and providing them with ammunition.


Once you unlock them, items can greatly aid your mission. A few examples are Undead Bait, Dynamite, Holy Water and Phosphorous Coating. Experiment with combinations to quickly dispatch multiple zombies. For example, Throw Undead Bait and wait for several zombies to investigate, then, toss a stick of Dynamite or fire a round from your Explosive Rifle to destroy them all!


Challenges can be found within the Journal tab of the Pause Menu. They provide specific but optional conditions that when met, unlock a new rank and provide rewards. Each challenge has five ranks that get progressively tougher to attain. Familiarize yourself with the requirements and attempt to meet them in order to bring a little more variety to combat.

Mythical Creatures

Mythical Creatures are random and rare spawns that can be capture or killed.

MC: The Four Horses of the Apocalypse

Location: Random but announced

Each of he Four Horses of the Apocalypse can be lassoed, tamed and used as a mount. Their location will be announced with a text scroll that reads, "A Mythical Creature has entered the area." Approach them, lasso them and then ride and break them to earn them as mounts.

MC: Sasquatch

Location: Tanner's Ranch

You'll encounter and kill these during the Birth of a Conservation Movement Survivor Mission.

MC: Chupacabra

Location: Random, usually in Eastern Mexico

You must achieve Rank 5 in the Undead Hunter challenge and then visit Eastern Mexico, usually around Torquemada, to find and kill this legendary creature.

MC: Unicorn

Location: Easter Mexico

The Unicorn can be broken and ridden as a mount. You must first break all four Horses of the Apocalypse and kill the Chupacabra before the Unicorn spawns.

Note: Follow the rainbow to find the Unicorn.

MC: Jackalope

Location: Varies

This mythical cross between a rabbit and an antelope can be found in the early morning hours around many ranches. They are usually being chased by dogs, so investigate any nearby scuffles.

Walkthrough: Survivor Missions

Survivor Missions are side missions that appear sporadically throughout your travels through the infected West. There are 7 Survivor Missions to complete.

SM: Birth of a Conservation Movement

Location: Tanner's Ranch

A crazy ol' coot warns you that Sasquatch have been spotted in the area. You are tasked with tracking and killing five of the baby-eaters. Search within the light-green areas marked on your mini-map and kill the Sasquatch presiding there, then, move on to the next marked area. Once you reach the fifth Sasquatch, he actually speaks and begs you to end his misery. Whether you do is up to you, but regardless, the mission will be completed.

SM: Filth and Other Entertainment

Location: Plainview

Travel to Ridgeview Farm and then west to Gaptooth Ridge. Find a Retcher and lasso and hogtie him. Make sure you clear out all other zombies from the surrounding area first though. Then, pick up the Retcher and place it on the rear of your horse. Finally, travel back to Plainview and meet up with MacKenna.

MacKenna ends up being the star of his own snuff film and for your troubles, you get... nada.

SM: Dinner for Two

Location: Armadillo

First things first, find out where the Marshal's deputies have gone by searching the town for Jonah and Eli. To help your quest, the good Marshal provides you with a sawed-off shotgun.

First stop is the General Store. You'll meet an unpleasant fellow that meets a more unpleasant end. After observing the feast, continue the search for the deputies by heading outside and to the north. You'll find them near the stables making a meal of one another. Enter Dead Eye and pop their tops off with a couple blasts from the sawed-off.

SM: Paternal Pride

Location: MacFarlane's Ranch

Mr. MacFarlane was last seen in the family barn. Find a way in and investigate is disappearance. Run to the back of the barn and climb onto one of the small structures on either side of the barricaded door. Climb through the open window and from your perch on the elevated walkway dispatch the zombies below. Climb down the ladder to the barn floor and Mr. MacFarlane will appear. He's not himself, so engage Dead Eye and put him down with a bullet to the head. Return to Bonnie MacFarlane and give her the bad news.

SM: Biographies and Lies

Location: Casa Madrugada

Rickets requests Undead Bait and Dynamite, but he needs some time to think. While he's unavailable, forage for the necessary herbs to create Undead Bait and make sure you have Dynamite in your inventory. When his icon returns to the mini-map, head to Casa Madrugada and give him the items. He’ll reward you with Boom Bait, which is explosive Undead Bait.

Tip: Use one Wild Feverfew and one Prairie Poppy to make Undead Bait.

SM: Missing Souls

Location: Fort Mercer & El Presidio

Missing Souls consists of 16 search and rescue scenarios that are marked with a white "wounded face" icon on your mini-map. To complete them, pull the missing poster from the wall, travel to the marked location on your map, rescue the missing person and escort him or her back to the safety of the fort. Below is a walkthrough to find Millicent Waterbury, the first of the Missing Souls tasks.

Remove the missing poster from the wall and then set out to find Miss Waterbury. Use the fort's bed to travel to Armadillo. Then mount up and ride east to the blue "Missing Souls" icon on your map.

You'll automatically dismount once you reach the Pleasance House and witness several zombies attempting to break into a house where the defenseless girl is holed up. This will be an up close fight so equip a shotgun and go to work. Use Dead Eye and melee attacks to finish off the undead threat and then summon your horse.

It's time to escort Miss Waterbury back to Fort Mercer. When you approach Jorge's Gap, increase your speed to a full run in order to knock down the scores of undead infesting the narrow path. If you slow down, it's your funeral.

Reach the fort and you'll be rewarded with a Semi-automatic Pistol.

Note: To begin the next mission, simply remove the new missing poster from the wall.

SM: The Doctor

Location: Random campsite

Throughout your travels, you may come across a lone gunman, fighting off an undead attack with a gattling gun. Turns out he's a doctor and would like to study a "live" specimen. Head out into the wilderness, lasso and hogtie a walking corpse and bring it back to the good doctor's cap.

Thereafter, each time you find the doctor he'll have another request:
Request #2: Bring him two undead (one at a time)
Request #3: Retrieve 60 Undead Parts looted from the corpses of zombies.
Request #4: Bring him Undead Parts in exchange for ammunition.

Walkthrough: Main Missions

Love in the Time of Plague

After the lengthy cutscene ends, shoot Uncle before he gets too close.

Once he’s down, follow the onscreen prompts to lasso and hogtie your wife. Repeat the steps to lasso and hogtie your son.

It’s time to find a physician in Blackwater to help cure Jack’s infected wife and son. Call and mount your horse and head east from Beecher’s Hope to Blackwater.

Note: The “U” icon on your mini-map marks Blackwater as your objective.

Curious Tales from Blackwater

You’ll dismount once you reach town. Once again, follow the “U” located on your mini-map until you meet Professor MacDougal. The Professor isn’t long for this Earth and pretty soon you’ll be on your own, facing hordes of aggressive zombies. You have limited ammunition reserves, so call your horse and begin your search for additional survivors.

Follow the objective marker through the streets and back alleys of Blackwater until you come across a stranded and hysterical girl. She’ll recount the death of her father, “Who weren’t a bad man” and then send you off to the cemetery to investigate the source of the undead infestation. As a parting gift, she’ll hand you a torch with which you can burn the corpses of the infected to free their souls.

Your next stop is the Blackwater graveyard. It’s marked with a green skull icon on your mini-map. Head there and cleanse the graveyard by torching all six coffins.

Zombies will begin clawing there way out of the ground and looking for food. Take them down as they rise to avoid becoming their next meal.

Caution: Using the torch as a melee weapon is good in a pinch, but will not work well against more than one zombie.

Mordecai, the young girl’s uncle, is a bit larger than his fellow undead. He’s a Brusier, and Brusiers prefer to fight up close and personal. Avoid his rush attack and focus fire on him until he’s cut down for good. Then, finish clearing the graveyard of all remaining zombies.

Tip: Loot the corpses for valuable ammo.

Your efforts won’t go unrewarded. For clearing the Blackwater Cemetery you earn the Repeater Carbine. Now, head back into town.

It’s time to save Blackwater from the encroaching horde. Kill zombies until the Town Safety Meter on your HUD fills up and you receive a message letting you know the town has been cleared.

Note: Cleared towns are not permanently saved. If they become overrun, return and clear out the undead once again.

Once the town has been cleared of walking corpses, you can sleep in a bed to save your game. Head to the hotel, marked with a green house icon on your mini-map, find and approach a bed and then select “Save Game”. Six hours of game time will elapse but you’ll awake refreshed and ready to take on more flesh-eaters.

Tip: Ammunition caches are marked with green dots on your mini-map.

Before leaving town, find both groups of survivors by traveling to the “U” icons on your map. It appears that the survivors might eat each other if given the time, so press on before they do. Fortunately, they’ll leave you with a couple of leads, both in New Austin.

The Old Bacchus Place is your next destination. Open your map and create a custom waypoint on the “U” located south of Blackwater and MacFarlane’s Ranch.

Get Back in That Hole, Partner

Note: The Old Bacchus Place is located south of Dixon Crossing and Thieves’ Landing. On your way, you can choose to clear Thieves’ Landing of Undead and then save your game at the inn.

Visiting Seth Bacchus is not very enlightening, although somewhat interesting. He’ll suggest you cleanse a few more graveyards to stem the ever-increasing tide of undead.

The nearest graveyard is Coot’s Chapel. Located west of the Old Bacchus Place. Set it as your destination, mount up and ride out.

Dismount and enter the Coot’s Chapel graveyard. A yellow dot marks the first coffin. Burn it with your torch and all hell will break loose. Target and eliminate all of the zombies that burst forth from the hallowed ground, paying extra special attention to Alma Horlick, the boss of this here cemetery. Use Dead Eye to slow time and pick her off with a nice, clean headshot.

Once the graveyard is clear of undead, torch the remaining coffins. Odd Fellow’s Rest is the next stop on the undead cemetery tour. Open your map and set it as a custom destination.

Note: The town of Armadillo is between you and Odd Fellow’s Rest. Cleanse the town of the undead presence and hunker down for the night on the second floor of the Saloon.

Clearing the Odd Fellow’s Rest cemetery is very similar to your previous cemetery cleansings: Torch the first coffin, dispatch all of the undead and then torch the rest of the coffins.

Tip: Equip the carbine and use Dead Eye to ensure all kills are headshots and you’ll unlock the Undead Sharpshooter Rank 1 & 2 challenges (if you haven’t done so already).

Open your map and set the final graveyard as your destination. Is located just north of the town of Tumbleweed.

Note: Ridgewood Farm is on your way. Cleanse the town to receive the Springfield rifle. Also, don’t forget to rest and save your game on the second story of the large house.

The Tumbleweed Graveyard is particularly tough to clear because of the number and type of undead that inhabit it. Brusiers, Bolters and even a Retcher call this long-abandoned cemetery home. Don’t get surrounded and you’ll see this fight through to the end.

Caution: Retchers spew toxic fluids at enemies so be sure to keep your distance and put them down quickly.

Note: North of Tumbleweed is the town of Rathskeller Fork. Clear it and you’ll receive the Explosive Rifle. Be warned however, a large number of zombies inhabit the town! It’s best to first seek high ground, like rooftops, before taking them on.

Before returning to Seth at The Old Bacchus Place, visit Fort Mercer to meet Nigel West Dickens. He’s selling undead repellant that, as it turns out, actually attracts the zombies, much to the misfortune of the local living population! He’ll also task you to seek out 5 Violet Snowdrop and 5 Desert Sage in order to concoct a new and improved formula.

After the chat with Dickens, visit the bed on the fort’s second floor, sleep, save and then fast travel to Thieves’ Landing. Ride south to re-visit Seth and join him for a little undead merriment. He points you to Mexico, but by now, his credibility has become somewhat questionable.

A Cure for Most of What Ails You

To find the 5 Snowdrops, head north into Tall Trees. Open up your Satchel, select “Consumables” and then select, “Survivalist Map”. The map shows all nearby herbs on the mini-map for 20 minutes. The Snowdrops are located north of the “Tall Trees” label on your map. While you’re exploring, make sure you grab the Birth of the Conservation Movement side-mission as well.

Note: To complete the Birth of the Conservation Movement side-mission, search within the light-green areas marked on your map for sasquatches. Kill 5 of them to complete the mission.

To find 5 Desert Sages, head to Rathskellar Fork and search the surrounding countryside. If you haven’t already, you can also liberate the town to obtain the Explosive Rifle.

Once all the herbs have been collected, fast travel to Fort Mercer and then ride west to meet up with Dickens. He’ll send you on another errand, this time to collect old parts located at Riley’s Charge.

Note: Dickens rewards you with Phosphorus Coating that can be applied to all ammunition for a short time. Doing so uses on Violet Snowdrop and one sage of any kind.

Riley’s Charge is located northeast of Fort Mercer. Mount up and head out. Once you travel inside the green area located on your mini-map, the parts’ locations will be marked with a “W”. Travel there and search the camp to obtain the parts.

After you grab the parts, open your map and set a custom waypoint at the location of Nigel Dickens. Visit him to trade the parts for a blunderbuss. The Blunderbuss fires explosive rounds of zombie parts and is capable of taking down multiple zombies with each round.

Tip: Undead without ammo parts drop ammo needed to reload the Blunderbuss.

In a bit, you’ll want to travel south to rendezvous with Nigel in Solomon’s Folly. However, it’ll take some time for him to arrive so, in the meantime, explore the area and liberate a few more towns.

American Imperialism

Once the “W icon appears on your map, head to Solomon’s Folly to meet up with Nigel.

After the two part amiably, head to the deserters’ camp located west of your current location and just north of the Scratching Post. Once you arrive you find that zombies are overrunning the deserters’ camp. Help them by clearing out the undead and then speak with a deserter. He’ll gladly part with a uniform for your timely aid. Check the chest located next to the tent for the uniform.

Looking sharp in your new duds, head to the train station at Benedict Point. It’s north of Solomon’s Folly. Just your luck, the train hasn’t left the station. Bad news is that it too is being overrun. Clear the tracks of the undead presence and hop aboard.

As the train moves sluggishly down the tracks, Bolters and Retchers run alongside. Move to the rear of the train where the flat bed allows you a 360-degree view of the area. Use Dead Eye and take ‘em down one at a time.

After awhile, you’ll reach roadblock. The captain orders all to debark and help clear the debris. As you can imagine, it doesn’t end well. Pretty soon you’re left alone facing a large number of encroaching undead. By whatever means necessary, clear the area of all enemies, return to the train and jump aboard. Release the brakes and you’ll crash through the remaining debris.

Once you reach Mexico, set your sights on Las Hermanas. Perhaps someone of the cloth can shed some light on the origin of abomination outbreak.

Note: The trail to Las Hermanas leads straight through the large town of Chuparosa. Clearing it is a significant undertaking but worth it as you receive the Schofield Revolver as a reward. Seek high ground, like the rooftops or the water tower platform and pick the flesh eaters off from a safe perch.

Mother Superior Blues

Approach the Mother Superior of Las Hermanas and her sparring dummy at the train station. She’ll dispatch the zombie and the task you to clear the nunnery of the monsters before they befoul any of the nuns. Head into the church’s doorway and take up the holy task.

There are significantly more undead here than you’ve previously encountered! Immediately take the high ground and put your rifle to good use. Move around the raised walkway and target the zombies congregating in the courtyard. Don’t get caught in the open or you’ll be quickly overpowered and defeated.

Once the battle is over, visit Mother Superior back at the train station. She wants to study a specimen more closely. Head north into the desert and find a “normal” zombie. Lasso and hogtie it and then place it on your horse to carry it back to the convent. Mother Superior is located just inside the convent’s entryway. Carry the zombie inside and a cutscene will ensue.

Head to Sepulcro and clear out the graveyard. This is a very difficult and lengthy battle, but there are some tricks to help you succeed. Concentrate on torching the coffins as quickly as you can, before the undead overwhelm you. In between your pyromancy, stick to the outside perimeter of the graveyard and make the zombies come to you. If you are overrun, simply run along the outside of the wall until your health and Dead Eye meter refill.

Caution: Do not travel too far away from the graveyard or you’ll have to repeat the entire process!

If you are being pursued by fast-moving zombies, cut through the graveyard and leap over the low walls. Most zombies can’t jump and must move around obstacles, giving you time to catch your breath.

Use Undead Bait to lure the zombies to the center of the graveyard and then use the Explosive Rifle to take down several flesh-eaters with one shot! Continue using hit-and-run tactics until the graveyard is cleansed, then, return to Mother Superior.

Note: Mother Superior may need additional time to study the corpse you brought her. In the meantime, visit and liberate other towns, complete survivor missions or just travel the land looking for mythical creatures.

When the “M” icon appears on your mini-map, return to Las Hermanas and speak with Mother Superior. After the chat, travel to Escalera to speak with El Presidente.

A Civilized Man

When you reach Escalera, you’ll find it overrun with zombies. Stay on your horse and travel up the steep pathway until you reach Abraham Reyes’ manor. After a brief cutscene, kill the walking corpse that was once Reyes.

Make your way through the overrun town and into the catacombs to investigate the source of the plague.

On a Pale Horse

Once inside the catacombs, the undead will burst from the walls and up through the ground. Dead Eye works great in the low light as it acts as a sort of night vision, giving you a much sharper view of the dark corridors.

Note: The Semi-auto Shotgun is sitting atop a crypt in the northernmost section of the catacombs. Grab it before venturing down the long and steep downward slope.

The long corridors should be traveled slow and steady. Be methodical and while in Dead Eye, make every shot count. There’s nothing down here that you haven’t encountered before and enemies do not appear behind you.

When you reach the room with the altar, the doors will close behind you. Undead will burst from the earth and attempt to overrun you. In the cramped quarters, don’t let them get within striking distance. Target the Bruisers first and the Retchers second.

*Caution: Retchers explode when killed, so keep your distance. *

After the fight, the undead scourge is put to rest, for now….

Note: Completing the game unlocks free-roam mode and Death, one of the four horses of the apocalypse.

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