Remember Me

Complete walkthrough (Episodes 4 through 8)


Welcome to Part 2. This covers the second-half of Remember Me (Episodes 4 through 8). For the first, refer to Part 1.

Episode 5 – Headshot

Nilin needs to put a stop to Memorize, the company responsible for this whole brain-washed-crazed-world.

Find the Memorize Head Office

Hidden Items: At the start, approach the door to your immediate right and unlock it. Two Scaramechs lurk here (down the stairs) – one above the half-opened shutter – the other on a high lift from the corner stairs.

The alley path ahead is blocked by electricity running through a puddle. To get around, target the billboard from the puddle's other side (this is what's causing the electricity). Raise it with your Force Spammer – keep holding it up until you reach the ramp-like sign on the ground.

Stay on the ramp to avoid electrocution. Then, pounce over to the stairs on the other side.

Enter the forbidden access hall. Another Leaper will run away from your presence. Approach the blue door in the hall and unlock it.

Continue onward and wrap around the hallway. A half-closed shutter can be raised with the Force Spammer. Once you enter the room beyond there, a Skinner and some Leapers will rush in. Put them down with your fighting skills.

Hidden Item: Climb the pallets below the blue pawn shop sign to reach an upper ledge. A Focus Boost rests here.

When clear, proceed to the red-lit hall titled "Closed." In there, climb on top of the desk in the right corner and scale inside the vent above it.

Head down the ventilation hall.

Hidden Item: Take your first left from the ventilation hall. A Scaramech hides behind the turbine here.

Make your way to the end of the ventilation hall (staying right) to find an office and a ladder. Ascend the ladder to reach the next floor.

On the next floor, go inside the office to discover a padlock on the lower-right side of the shutter. Break it with the Junk Bolt then raise the shutter with your Force Spammer.

Beyond the shutter lies the main hall of the building. Jog left on the balcony. You will find an elevator that can be moved with the Force Spammer. Raise it then grasp onto its side. Now, climb to the back part and then back jump to the octagon-shaped platform hanging in the center of the hall.

From the central platform, leap to the ledge without railings; you'll land on the other side of the balcony.

Hidden Item: Once you land on the other side of the balcony, jog right to discover a Mnesist document.

From the balcony's other side, move counter-clockwise towards the large TV screen. After a chat with Edge, scale up the pole next to the screen (on the right). At the top, climb left (above the screen) and use the stubs to land on the next floor.

Attack drones keep watch on the next floor. These bots are a bit trickier this time around. Follow these quick steps without alerting them.

Drone One: Simply steer right in the open area and wait for it to pass.

Drone Two: The second drone moves counter-clockwise around the advertisement post. Take the right side of the post when it shifts to the left.

Drone Three: The last drone can be easily passed by opening the shutter at the end of the balcony. Once the shutter opens, it'll glide into the room beyond there. This extends its pattern and buys you more time. Even better, you can close the shutter; leaving it trapped in the room!

Hidden Item: Though you can lock the drone inside the room behind the shutter, you'll miss out on a Focus Boost located there.

First, close the shutter on the drone then run inside the room to your right. Open the shutter back up to free the drone. When it passes you, enter the shutter room and snag the item. Be careful, though: Stay near the wall as you collect the item – the drone will enter the room again. When it glides away from you, quickly enter the doorway from the balcony.

When the third drone is dealt with, enter the doorway to your right. Inside this room, hop over the railing and drop to the floor below.
Run to the end of this hall to find a homeless man praying at his crib. Ascend the ladder nearby and scale the pipes – use them to back jump to the above rooftop.

Edge will call from codec when you surface on the rooftop. When the conversation concludes, head to the right-side edge to a sign.

Hidden Item: Approach the red sign hanging from the building. Instead of grasping onto it, climb down a pipe below the edge. The pipe leads to the other side of a building – and a SAT Patch resting on the above fire escape.

Clasp onto the sign and then hop over to its other side. From there, leap to the pillar and scale the building structures. Eventually, you'll hook onto a PAX sign; cross it and drop to the catwalk.

A solar panel can be seen from the building ahead. Target and slide it with the Force Spammer to form a catwalk across from you. Pounce over to the newly-formed catwalk.

Upon your landing, Prowlers will ambush you. These foes will be cake since you can simply knock them off the edge. Once they're dealt with, take a huge leap to the balcony's railings. Continue climbing onward and surface to the next rooftop area.

Shimmy across the pit and approach the Enforcer painting on the wall. Use the above stubs and climb upward.

Hidden Item: When you climb a couple of stubs, scale right instead of left. You can reach a patio here containing a Focus Boost (on the table).

From the stubs, scale/jump your way left, down, and upward to the following rooftop. There, dismiss the enemies that lie in wait.

Tip: The battle on this rooftop includes a Skinner, Prowlers, and Stranglers. The light source will flicker on and off here, so rely on the Sensen DOS when possible.

After the scuffle, climb the nearby pole and descend the rooftops to the next zone (you'll have to perform a big leap to the last roof).

Hidden Item: Ascend the pole across the orange door here. You can scale the above building and pull yourself over a wall, leading to a back porch. Grab a SAT Patch off the bench.

Avram Hesh Laboratories

Enter the door with caution: an attack drone guards the hall. Wait for the coast to be clear then head through gate from the left.

In the laboratory hall, you'll encounter a new foe: the Elite Enforcer. The problem with these opponents is that they cause damage to your health each time you hit them. The only option is to execute Regen Pressens here – it's the only way to survive. If you haven't assigned decent healing combos yet, now's the time to do so.

Once you bring down the Elite to Chinatown, enter the following door ahead. There's nothing special in the secretary office, so proceed into the next hall.

Two drones fly about in this hall. You'll see three "nest" cells here. You are capable of locking in these cells, so follow the steps below to make it safely to the next area.

  • Head in "Nest 1" and shoot the shutter panel in Nest 2 (without the drone entering it).
  • Hop over the next window into Nest 3.
  • Open the shutter in Nest 3 from the panel.
  • Quickly climb back to Nest 1 before the drone enters.
  • Open Nest 2's shutter and trap the first drone when it flies in.
  • Wait for the second drone to fly in Nest 3 (from the hall) then trap it inside using the panel in there.

Note: The shutter panel in Nest 3 is in the front-left side. After the drone enters, move down the hall to see it before the bot exits the cell!

With that taken care of, head to the end of the hall and open the sliding doors.

As you enter, unlock the doors to your immediate right. You'll watch a quick cutscene and arrive at the Memorize Head Office.

Climb up to the Building's VIP Access

Move to the left from the balcony and access the crane panel. Use it to rotate the crane closer to you. Now that it's in range, target the crane's container from its top part and move it all the way left with the Force Spammer. This gives you enough leverage to jump and grasp onto it.

Scale to the left side of the crane then back jump to its tower part. There, ascend the ladder to the top level.

On the top of the crane, activate the panel to rotate it again. This allows you to jump to the VIP balcony from the end of the crane's catwalk.

A cinema will occur upon your landing. The VIP office is locked, but bigger problems arise: Captain Trace will fly down in a helicopter and assault Nilin. No need to fight here – run!

Helicopter Chase

Captain Trace will show no remorse, so run forward and hop over the railing. Move fast and follow the waypoint arrows to advance. Eventually, the chopper's turret will break a pole Nilin tries to grasp and she'll fall.

Trace won't fire at you from this zone, so keep climbing onward on the rooftops.

In the next section, Trace will cut you off. Run and jump your way (right) through a construction site. There, Trace will be waiting for you behind a shutter. Target the shutter and pull it down with the Force Spammer for cover.

When the shutter is lowered, climb its top part and begin scaling upward. Then, move left along the wall.

As Trace fires at you here, he'll destroy the shutters above you. Wait for the coast to be clear before pouncing upward (when his turret stops).

At the top, scale right then back jump to the ledge behind you.

From this vantage point, you'll see another shutter that can be moved. Pull it down so it crashes to the ground. This gives you enough cover to continue your climbing from the wall on the other side.

Leap back to the wall across from you and carry on your route to the right. Drop down the ledges and catwalk ahead to reach a balcony you can grasp onto.

From the balcony, open the door and head through a short corridor.

At the next balcony, Trace will spot you yet again. This time, the stakes are higher: the columns on the floor you run on will be destroyed as Trace shoots them. Make no hesitation and trail forward. Some portions of the flooring will collapse, so jump when appropriate.

Start on the left side and zigzag between the middle section. The goal here is to make it to the end of this zone – then, at the final moment, take a huge leap to the balcony.

If you succeed in your jump, enter the nearby building. Head down the corridor and deal with the Enforcers that enter. Once they're dismissed, enter the gate leading to another balcony.

Hop over the railing and get your move on – Trace will return and begin firing at you again. Climb left and use the structural objects to get ahead of the chopper's spotlight (you'll have to descend to the lower ledges as well).

Tip: Remember to hold RB/R1 to climb faster!

Nilin's attempt to escape will abruptly end when ascending a pipe: she'll crash through an apartment window.

You're safe for the moment in the apartment. Head through the door and proceed into the following room from the hall. Here, Trace will catch up with you and you'll also encounter some shield-wielded Enforcers along with an Elite. Focus on the shield foes first and disarm them with the Logic Bomb. Then, use your Regen-combos to take the Elite down.

When you become the victor, enter the door to your left. Inside this corridor, look for a white door near a labeled "5" on the wall and open it.

Airlift Rescue

Ascend the stairs and enter the sixth floor of the building. Defeat the Enforcer that ambushes you, then head through the white door leading to another staircase. Be sure to heal yourself if needed before going to the rooftop.

Steal Trace's Memory

The time has come for Nilin to stop messing around (according to Edge) and steal Trace's memory. There has to be a way to reach Trace without being gunned-down.

This session requires your stealth skills, so you better hope you've got patience. The idea here is to stay out of Trace's spotlight, so use the hedges around the rooftop for cover.

Once you move behind the hedges, Trace will be distracted by some pigeons. From the second wall, target the turbine from the right-side building and activate it by shooting it with your Spammer. This creates another diversion for you – while Trace fires at the turbine, run for the ladder from the left end and ascend it.

Trace won't see you here when you surface the next rooftop. Jump onto the chopper and press the button cue to steal Trace's memory.

Get to Scylla Cartier Walls

After the cinema concludes, climb the rooftops just south of the ladder. Next, ascend the pipe and climb inside the opened-window.

You'll arrive inside, cyborg "dance" club.

Hidden Item: In the dance club office, a Scaramech hides behind the plants.

Erase any disturbing images from your mind, then proceed through the door near the desk. Head down the corridor and take a left. Hidden Item: The first left you take from the club's long corridor carries a Mnesist Document just around the corner.

Climb out the window to arrive back outside. Use the ledges to reach the sign. Then, flip over the sign to grasp the pipe. Slide down the pipe, climb right, and then pull yourself into the next building.

Hidden Item: In the music-playing hall, go left and discover a Mnesist document on the booth.

Approach the shutter at the end of the hall and move it downward with the Force Spammer.

Beyond the shutter lies a patio. Scale the pipe in the corner to reach the above balcony.

Be prepared for a tough battle. This fight consists of an Elite, Slave Leapers, Nephilims, and Heavy Prison Enforcers. The Leapers bound in leashes are pretty easy to take down – use your standard attacks.

Once they're dealt with, focus your attention on the Enforcers. You'll want to save the Elite Enforcer for last since he drains your health. Deploy your Logic Bomb as soon as the shielded-foes join in so your offense can be consisted. Also, be sure to cast the Rust in Pieces Pressen for the bots – they're a lot better as an ally!

After the fight, activate Captian Trace's Remembrane as Edge mentions. When he approaches the panel, synchronize and activate it. This triggers a puzzle on the wall.

The Numbers Puzzle

Trace's Remembrane gives you clues to what the security code is. You must shoot each button on the Memorize door to open it. It's rather obvious, but if you're stumped, the solution is: 2058.

A Gate to Scylla Cartier

Inputting the correct code opens the door to Memorize HQ. It's time to put an end to Scylla's devious scheme.

Descend either flight of stairs from the corners (they lead to the same area). Both halls have drones patrolling the area, so put on your sneaking skills. As long as you hug the sides of the plants against the walls, you're in the clear. Again, wait for the drones to pass before moving position.

Hidden Item: A pixelated-cube can be seen in the central red-floor room. A Mnesist document lies behind the cube.

The office of Scylla Cartier-Wells lies at the central part of this hall. When you arrive, it'll be time to reinvent history again.

Remix Scylla Cartier-Wells

Whoever's fault it was for the crash, your job is to make Scylla feel guilty. Mess with these glitches, and perhaps Scylla will have a change of heart.

  • Retract the Cup Holder.
  • Open the Handbag.
  • Activate the JAX toy.
  • Break the Windshield.

Manipulating the objects causes Scylla to run through a red-light, altering the outcome of Nilin's childhood.

Episode 6 – Rotten Core

Get in the Elevator

Nilin is tired of running – she wants answers – and now. Bad Request is still being held captive by Dr. Quaid, which is Nilin's next priority.

You begin in the La Bastille maintenance area. Scramble up the ledge ahead and discover a locked-gate. Open each part using the Force Spammer.

Behind the gate lies the elevator. Call it down using its panel. While waiting, Stranglers will attack you. The best option is to wait for the elevator to reach the floor – it'll be the only source of light. When the Stranglers are defeated, enter the elevator, activate the interior-panel and ride it up.

Find Bad Request's Pick-Socket

Edge notifies you that Request's Pick-Socket is located in the prison ahead. Replenish your health from the SAT station after on the next floor. Then, go right and examine the picture.

The picture gives you a hint for the next puzzle. You can see the control room from the distance, as well as Bad Request's belongings stored in a rack.

First, descend the stairs and pull down the un-labeled rack to ground level with the Force Spammer. This allows you to climb it. Scale the rack from its backside and then back jump to the control room. Inside the control room, move Woniska's rack all the way left using the Force Spammer. This will move the conveyor belt and bring up the next rack. Continue consistently moving each rack left until Bad Request's shows up. If you want a hidden item, read the note below.

Hidden Item: Before you collect the Pick-Socket, continue moving the racks a couple more times. Nilin's belongings will come up. Open the drawer for a Focus Boost. Note that you'll have to let the racks return to their original positions to gain access to Bad Request's belongings.

Once Bad Request's rack opens, retrieve the Pick-Socket from its drawer.

Pick-Socket: The Pick-Socket can be used with the same controls of your Spammer. The item can unlock special locks, windows, etc. Most importantly, it has the ability to shoot through windows! Also take note that certain devices you trigger with the Pick-Socket affect other objects; for example, if you open a door, another panel nearby or afar won't have power.

Get to Bad Request

Now that you have Request's Pick-Socket, give it a try and close the window. Then, use it to unlock the door from the panel.

Hidden Item: Head in the back room of the office and look on the wall; a Scaramech hangs there.

In the control room's office, lock onto the door panel through the window and shoot it with your Pick-Socket. The door to the back office will open.

The door leads to the administration office. Head in and immediately look through the relatively-small window straight ahead. A door lock rests underneath an administration sign. Target the panel with the Pick-Socket and shoot to unlock the far-left door. This leads you back to the first area.

Hidden Item: Go to the back hallway labeled "Trauma Room." A Mnesist document can be found in there.

Note: A new stash picture will emerge in the hallway. The secret stash is located in the maintenance room on the basement floor, but you cannot access it at this time.

Walk right and unlock the gate you couldn't open earlier. An eye camera will search you before you're able to access the following room in this hall.

Bad Request will be spotted in his cell, while Nilin will be forced to listen to the great jerk, Doctor Quaid on the intercom.

Ascend the emergency ladder to the second floor of the cell docks. Wrap around the hall here to reach the other side. Bad Request can be found inside the third cell from the left.

Nilin's plans to rescue Bad will soon be interrupted. The prison's alarm will sound off and Bad's cell will be moved. A drone will come lurking from the corner, so quickly jump over the railing and land back on the first floor of the prison.

Elite Enforcers and Slave Leapers will attempt to halt your quest. Put them down, preferably with your Regen-Pressens. Once the first wave of foes are defeated, backup will arrive.

At this point, you'll learn another Special Pressen ability, the Sensen Camo.

Sensen Camo: This nifty Sensen grants you the power of indivisibility – for 30 seconds, anyway. During this time, enemies will be unaware of your location and won't attack. The real icing-on-the-cake with this ability is that you're allowed to instantly kill a foe and overload them. This must be executed from behind your opponent and within the invisible state.

Tip: Don't bother attacking enemies when triggering the Sensen Camo – this defeats the purpose of using an instant-stealth kill and gives away your position. Also, summoning other Sensens wares the effect of Camo as well.

Once your enemies have been laid to rest, you'll have a chat with Edge.

Get to Bad Request's Cell

It appears Doctor Quaid plans on forming an army of Leapers for his own control. Nilin has no doubt the doctor has gone mad, and she must put an end to his scheme. Still, she must locate Bad Request among this.

Go over to the ladder you climbed earlier and turn its power off (by shooting the panel behind it). Now head over to the "Trauma Room" and unlock the door through the glass with the Pick-Socket.

In the Trauma Room, close the door behind you and head inside the elevator. Turn its power on and ride it up to the upper floor.

The elevator takes you to the other side of the cell dock where you spotted Bad Request's holding. Step out of the elevator then turns its power off. After, approach Bad Request's cell (which is obviously missing) and open the glass gate from the other-side panel. Leap across to the ledge and climb your way left to a cell dispatcher area.

At the next gap, drop down to the lower-right. A control unit for the cell dispatch can be found here. Target its wires and "corrupt" it with your Junk Bolt. This will trigger the cell above you.

Hidden Item: On the opposite side control unit, a narrow path (behind the square structure) leads to a SAT Patch in the left corner.

Climb up to the cell (using the control panel's wall). Then, move the cell out of your way (left) to gain entry to the next area.

The Cellblock

In the following area, you'll see Bad Request sitting in his cell to the left. Look above you: there's a cell block you can move. Pull it down; it'll collapse and allow you to pounce on top of a holding grid. The grid will descend a tad. As it stops, leap across to the ledge.

Head left and drop down over the beams. As you land, you'll see another hung-cell above you. Pull it down (like before) to cause another cell to drop in front of you.

Leap to the cell. From the cell's interior, you'll notice another one across from you. Moving it downward gives you enough leverage to jump on top of it.

When you land, head right to discover another cell. This time, move it upward to create some space to run underneath. As you reach the other side, Bad Request's cell can be seen nearby. Slide it sideways (left) to shift its position; and bring another cell down. Climb the sides of that cell and enter it.

From this standpoint, Bad Request's cell will be across from you. Pull it down – both cells will connect and you'll gain entry to the inmate. A cinema will be presented, and you'll be required to steal Bad Request's memory again.

Find Doctor Quaid

After the sad event, you'll arrive at another prison hall. Jog down the hall towards the Biopsy Room and find a Remembrane just west of it. Activate the memory here, then follow the scientist and Bad Request as they enter the Biopsy Room. When the scientist approaches the medical equipment machine, synchronize it. Doing so will give you the capability to turn its power off through the glass door.

With the power off to the equipment machine, you're now capable of transferring the medical chair from the panel to your left. Trigger the switch to bring forth the chair and follow it into the next hall. The chair will transfer to the Trauma Room. Activate the Remembrane here. This gives you nothing but dialogue, so proceed up the stairs nearby.

On the next floor, run past the Neuro Ward and wrap around the hall. Discard the enemies here (using Camo), then make your way to the Memory Deletion room. Access the Remembrane and follow Doctor Quaid to the memory extractor machine. Synchronize the machine and turn its power off.

Hidden Item: With the extractor turned off, turn around and unlock the other memory deletion room. In there, snag a Focus Boost. Make sure to shut the door upon your return to the hallway.

Head back to the Neuro Ward and transfer on medical chair's power. Like before, follow the chair down to the lower floor. There, you'll be greeted by another Elite and his pets. Dismiss them, then go over to Remembrane at the back of the hall.

Hidden Item: One of the floor drones moving about carries a Scaramech on its back.

Once you trigger this Remembrane, the chair will enter the Triage Room. Quickly run back to the other side of the hall and into Memory Storage. In there, synchronize the control panel – this allows you to turn its power off.

Now, make your way to IC Unit 1 and transfer on the medical chair. Follow it into the Triage room. A cinema will ensue. You're not alone in the Triage...

Hidden Item: Not so hidden, but a Mnesist document can be found on the medical table inside the Triage.

Stand in front of the gate in here and allow the eye camera to open it for you. Beyond there lies Nilin's unforgettable-past and the prison she was held captive in.

Go past XP Unit B's gate and make your way to the cell block at the end. Close cell BB4/2085 and return to XP Unit B. Open its gate and enter. You'll meet up with Doctor Quaid inside – and Johnny Greenteeth will make a surprise return.

Your next battle consists of Seraphims, Elites, Prison Enforcers, and a Nephilim. Use your Senses – preferably the Rust In Pieces and Camo – against them. The bots will deal with the Enforcers while you fight off the rest.

Hidden Item: A laboratory room can be unlocked in this hall from a panel above its door. Behind the corpse in the chair rests a SAT Patch.

Hidden Item: Behind the memory chair, where Doctor Quaid was operating, hangs a Scaramech.

Track Quaid Down

At the fight's conclusion, begin tracking Quaid by opening the gate. You'll need to open each gate to get to his lab. It's not too far, so get your move on!

When you meet up with the doc again, he'll summon his patients after you. This isn't a bad wave, considering the Skinners can easily be put down with the Sensen Fury, while the Elites can be assassinated with your Camo.

After the battle, Doctor Quaid will set up a floor trap for Nilin and she'll find herself hanging in a pit. Lucky for her, help from an unexpected enemy will shut up the doc.

Descend the generator pit using the walls and pipes. At the bottom, you'll find Bad Request. At this moment, Greenteeth will greet you and throw down a challenge.

Boss: Johnny Greenteeth

This fight should be a breeze. There's only one way to inflict damage to Greenteeth: cast the Sensen DOS to freeze him. Though you won't stun his minions, this leaves Greenteeth stunned, buying you enough time to either deploy your combos or unleash your Sensen Fury on him.

The Leapers shouldn't be too much of a distraction, so concentrate all your strikes on Johnny. Eventually, a cinema will be presented followed by a QTE. Succeed in the button prompts to lay Greenteeth to rest.

Escape the Facility

Greenteeth has certainly lost his mind, as he sets on self-destructing the facility.

Your way out is the nearby casket-pod. There's an optional document you can grab before your exit, so check the info below.

Hidden Item: Before you enter the casket, corrupt a bridge on the opposite end. This leads to a room containing a Mnesist document (in front of the turbine).

Episode 7 – Paradise Lost

Approach the freight lift and witness a cinema. Trace's corrupted mind still has enough to notice Nilin's presence, and he'll call out some security.

The Seraphims won’t be useful since the Elites wield shields. Shoot the bots and deploy the Logic Bombs to disarm the Enforcers. It's then and there you'll have to use your Regen-Pressens and summon the Sensen Camo.

The next round is more forgiving. Either take control or destroy the Nephilims, then eliminate the remaining guards.

Find Trace

Once you're done fighting, activate the freight lift and ride down.

Along the ride, a Zorn joins you. This is much similar to your previous battle with a Zorn – destroy its arms first, then finish off its central body. Remember: you can use the Sensen DOS to stun the Zorn as well.

The only catch: This Zorn regenerates its arms, so use both the Junk Bolt and Spammer to damage them. When the bot's arms are trapped in the ground, blast 'em (your Spammer/Junk Bolt need to be fully- recharged).

When you become the victor, run in the corner and activate an emergency ladder. Ascend it and enter the Triage Room.
In the Triage Room's top floor, descend the staircase and heal your injuries.

Hidden Item: Behind the staircase, you'll find a SAT Patch. On the bottom floor, head to the opposite end of this corridor (across the restrooms) and unlock the door. This leads to a loading dock.

Run up the stairs to the loading dock and trigger the delivery cart panel. A loading cart will arrive which you can ride. Trigger its controls to begin moving. You'll need to stop it at the next dock; if you go too far, the pixel barrier will kill you.

From the dock, scale the ledges and slide down the pipe to area below. Push forward to find another delivery cart you can call across the gap. When it arrives, pounce over to it.

Descend to the next lower area using the ledge and pole. There, summon the delivery cart and ride it to the wall with a caution sign. Stop it roughly here – you'll be able to reach the wall and climb your way to the dock from afar.

Hidden Item: Once you land on the other dock, numerous crates will be resting in the corner. Behind there, make sure to pick up this SAT Patch!

The power to the delivery cart isn't on, so approach the control panel to re-route the one from above. Then, activate the delivery cart panel; a cart will be called before you. Ride this one and stop it in front of the gate. You'll be able to grasp onto the wall from here and then back jump from its other side.

Now, climb back up (from the pole) to the level above you. You'll see two carts here; hop on the first one and ride it towards the large orange door. Stop it in front of there and exit via the O'Osmoze door.

Hidden Item: There's a hard-to-see passage near the first cyborg you see sweeping the hall. The trail leads to a repair room containing a Focus Boost.

Make your way down to the end of the O'Osmoze hall and proceed through the door. There's an inaccessible elevator to your left, so jog right and encounter a couple Elite Enforcers. Defeat them, then turn around and unlock the red-carpet door close by.

Hidden Item: A Scaramech is hiding behind the sofa near the Elite's entryway.

In this rather luxurious office, go inside the back bedroom. Hidden Item: A Mnesist document rests on the bedroom's bookshelf.

A fire door can be closed by a panel here. While you close the door, run underneath it – this drains the power back to that elevator you passed earlier. Head back there and ride it up the Harmonie Mall.

Harmonie Mall

The mall has certainly seen better days: Leapers have destroyed its peaceful environment. On top of that, Trace will flee upon seeing Nilin. What a wuss!

Hidden Item: Check out the "Man's Nouse" store. Behind the broken glass lies a Scaramech.

Descend the mall's escalator to trigger a cutscene. Though the prison guards seem to block your path, you can easily jump over the tipped-vending machine.

You'll run into several pesky Leapers as well as Skinners. I suggest using your Sensen Fury here to speed up your victory.

Upon defeating your foes, enter the blue-highlighted door leading to the Sans-Soucis Bar passage. There, you'll locate Trace on the run. He has truthfully lost his mind...

Track Trace Down

Take precaution when entering the following hall: a drone will be searching the area. Wait for it to pass by, then pursue Trace.

Hidden Item: Instead of following Trace's tracks, go left and discover a room in the back. The living room inside here contains a SAT Patch.

Trace will apparently have time for a drink at the bar, but he'll soon flee again. Chase him into the next room, where you'll be pitted against some Enforcers, Elites, and Nephilims. Give them everything you've got to gain entry to the post area.

In the main security hall, ignore the drone unless you want to collect a Scaramech.

Hidden Item: There's a barricade near where the drone patrols. Behind there rests a Scaramech.

You'll meet up with Trace in the following hall. A cutscene will be presented, and Trace will fall to his demise by some Mourner Leapers (similar to Greenteeth).

Steal Trace's Memory

Nilin still wants the fallen-soldier's memory, so hop over the rail and climb down to his body (scale clockwise around the perimeter; then drop down to the lower ledge).

Piece Trace's Memory Back Together

The only accessible route is through the gate leading to Harmonie Mall. Head inside and wrap around the hallway to your right – a Mourner will soon clear a path for you from behind. Follow him into the following area.

Quite similar to Johnny Greenteeth, the only way to damage these Mourners is by casting your Sensen DOS. If you combine the DOS and Fury, you'll have plenty of offense to throw at them.

Tip: Don't waste time with those pesky Leapers – the Mourners are your number one priority! Unless you're hurting for health, you can deal with these foes after.

When you have dealt enough damage to the Mourners, each attempt to overload their memory will initiate a QTE. Follow the prompts to defeat each one. Then you can concentrate on eliminating the remaining Leapers.

####Get to the Central Security Post With the Mourners vanished, proceed through the door underneath a neon sign. Be sure to turn off the sprinkler in this office if you desire a hidden item soon.

Make your way into the waiting room passage. Here, access the emergency ladder and ascend it.

Hidden Item: Before you trigger the emergency ladder, unlock the fire door on the opposite side (through the glass). This passage leads to a room where you can collect a Focus Boost.

Note: If you collect the Focus Boost, make sure to close the fire door in order to access the ladder.

At the top of the ladder, leap to the second floor.

Hidden Item: Run to the opposite end of the second floor. A picture frame – or structural weakness, rather – can be destroyed. A Scaramech hangs behind it.

Head inside the Security Post from the blue-colored door. You'll see Trace inside here, but his mind is far beyond gone.

Go into the following hall. Two drones patrol the squared-balcony, but they can easily be avoided by moving counter-clockwise around the perimeter.

Hidden Item: If you go in the administration hall, you can enter the restroom. In the middle stall, snag the SAT Patch.

Your destination is through the doors in the corner of this balcony. Beyond there lies a main lobby.

Enable the Access to the Conception Tube

A Remembrane can be seen upon your entry. Trigger it and witness Trace mess with the cube terminal. As he does this, synchronize it. The machine can now be activated.

Hidden Item: One of these pillars (at its top) carries a Scaramech. Shoot it from the second floor.

Puzzle #1: The Letters

Activating the cube throws another Remembrane before you – and a puzzle. You'll see three words on the wall: Hominis, M3morize, and Evolution. Each letter is movable, so follow these steps below to solve this puzzle:

  • Raise "H" from Hominis.
  • Drag "3" from Memorize down.
  • Raise "O" (the last one) from Evolution.

If done correctly, this should spell out "H30."

Not only will this raise three pillars from the ground, but it'll spawn another Remembrane. Trigger it and follow Trace up the stairs. Here, you'll need to synchronize the panel he toys with. This panel will activate the cube opening system.

Puzzle 2: The Holograms

Three holograms will appear upon activating the system. Each of them can be moved and manipulated with your Spammer. Refer to the steps below for the correct pattern:

  • Move the Mother figure twice.
  • Move the Father figure three times.
  • Move the Child figure five times.

Enter the Conception Cube

With the puzzle solved, you gain entry to an elevator directly behind you. Ride it up to the next floor.

Enemies block your path in the upcoming area. Defeat them and run for the light at the end of the tunnel!

Episode 8 – Sins of Our Fathers

This is it, my friends: Nilin's last hope. There's no need to spoil anything, so prepare for the final episode of Remember Me!

Get to Charles Cartier-Wells

Head down the long, beautiful corridor guarded by statues and enter the door at the end. You'll arrive in a large hall on a balcony. It's pretty straightforward here, so hop over the rail and scale down the cubes. The climb will lead you to the central platform, where you're required to remix Charles' memory.

Make Charles Kill Nilin

Yikes! So how does this work for Nilin? Who knows, but you need to rewind the scene (where Charles messes with Nilin's memory). The memory glitch is the Hack Glove Prototype – as the game notes, remix the...remix.

Trigger a Memory Bug

Back at the crash scene of Nilin's childhood, you're obligated to fiddle with memory glitches again. These are roughly the same glitches, but remember: Nilin must die for you to succeed. Reference the steps below to cause Nilin's death:

  • Retract the Cup Holder.
  • Unlock the Safety Belt (on Nilin)
  • Break the Windshield.
  • Reboot Jax.
  • Short circuit the Electric Socket (JAX's finger).

Once you alter the crash scene, you'll watch a lengthy cinema.

Get to the Central Memory Server

It's time to put this memory-corrupted system to rest. Head inside the passage before you. Automatic-Remembranes will be triggered as you move forward. Follow Nilin and JAX through the panel maze. (This "maze" is actually streamlined, as panels move at your proximity.) Their guidance will lead you to H30, the final boss of Remember Me.

Final Boss: H30

Phase One

Your first row of business – as H30 tells you – is to destroy the pixelated cube floating around. The easiest and quickest tactic to use on the cube is the Fury Pressen. Build its gauge up by fighting off the Leapers that surround you.

When the first cube is destroyed, another will appear. Use the same strategy as noted above (it won't take long for the Fury to reboot). Throw some offense on the Leapers while you wait.

With both cubes destroyed, a pixelated-spam object will float in the close distance. The only way to damage it is by firing your Spammer and Junk Bolt. As usual, the Junk Bolt causes greater damage, but takes more time to reboot.

At this point, H30 will also launch pixelated-debris at you. Keep moving and evade them in-between your shots. Be cautious and look for their target spots.

With enough damage inflicted to the spam blob, its source will fire inside H30. This also initiates a cutscene where you'll be put in front of a golden cube (perhaps H30's "heart" or memory unit). Go nuts and strike the cube as much as possible – you're technically in "Fury Mode" here.

Phase Two

This time around, black cubes will float from higher ground. You won't be able to reach it with your Fury attack, so you can forget about physical attacks.

The key here is to cast your Rust in Pieces Sensen – taking control over the Seraphims (that glide in the distance) are the only thing that will damage the cubes.

The wave of foes will be a step-up, as pixelated-versions of Enforcers surround you here. These guys are your only hope to recharging your Sensens (and health).

The real worry you have, however, is H30's attacks. He will spit out three sets of pixelated waves. Dodge them by side-jumping between each one. He will also throw whirlwinds at your surroundings; keep moving!

The moment you destroy the cubes, the same tactic implies: Shoot the spam blob enough to get into range with his memory source.

Phase Three

The final stage of this battle requires a bit more strategy.

First, in order to see the memory cubes, you must cast the Sensen DOS. This stuns H30, and gives you the opportunity to damage the cube. As before, deploy the Sensen Fury immediately after the DOS to destroy each cube.

Leapers and Stranglers ambush you here. Be sure not to be grabbed by the Stranglers – they'll drain your Sensen meter!

Tip: Be sure to have at least two Sensen gauges built up here in order to perform both Sensens!

H30's attacks are more of the same. The only difference is that they're faster. Keep your active and move!

Eliminating both memory cubes will once again spawn the spam blob. It's capable of sustaining more damage now, so rely on your Junk Bolt!

Remember Your Victory

Congratulations! You've completed Remember Me!

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