Resident Evil 5, which has been speculated to be in development for a little while now, has been confirmed by Capcom to be in production for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

It had previously been rumored (thanks Eurogamer) that Jun Takeuchi, who worked on Ominusha and Street Fighter 2, will be on board to produce the game. This speculation is now official news, though we’ve still not had official confirmation that it’s Chris Redfield as the starring role, but it really looks like it is.

We’re going to be given a whole host of new baddies to kill, though what they are yet we don’t know. Apparently there’ll be the capacity for the game to cope with huge amounts of enemies onscreen at once, and they’ll be speaking some kind of “strange language”. We’re also told that they’re set to be much more intelligent than the Resi Evil zombies of the past.

Apparently heat is a major theme in the game, with loads of baking hot sun rays, which will, according to Capcom, require players to direct Chris to a cave every now and again to cool down.

We haven’t been told anything on when the game will actually be released but it’s currently Capcom’s top priority so expect the production time to be a little quicker than that of your average game.